2018-11-17 09: 26 Source: China Light Network

For 5G construction, basic supporting facilities must be advanced.
5G means building multiple small, densely distributed substrates. Or from the perspective of height, spacing, or power supply, urban light poles are the natural match of small 5G substrates.
In the future, countless street lights will be equipped with 5G base stations, turning them into important infrastructures of smart cities, and intelligent light poles that integrate multiple functions will become a beautiful scenic line of future cities.

5G is coming to us, and the light pole stations around the world are like the Hongzhan iron towers of that year, and they have sprung up.

Let’s take a look at the light pole stations around.

1 Construction of smart light poles + base stations in many places around the world


This is a light pole station from the streets of Japan.
At the Japan Wireless Communication Technology Conference, Japanese operators explicitly proposed that light pole stations and manhole cover base stations are one of the major strategies for 5G construction.