Date:  2019-05-15 23:15     Jiang Han

On May 12, a smart light pole was erected on the central square of Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street, attracting the attention of many pedestrians and tourists. It’s not small, this is the first 5g smart light pole built in Hubei Province and even in central China.

集 This intelligent light pole with multiple functions is an indispensable key infrastructure for the future 5G smart city.
Jianghan Road Pedestrian District Comprehensive Service Center proactively cooperated with the Provincial Mobile Company to complete the plan improvement, site selection, construction preparation and other work in the early stage. The highly anticipated smart light pole has successfully completed its construction.


After being put into use, the 5G smart light pole not only has the lighting function of ordinary street lights, but also integrates the function of 5G communication signals. Its whole body is black technology.
With the popularization of 5G technology in the later period, the upcoming smart Jianghan Road can meet the needs of a large number of people for high-speed Internet access and mobile payment anytime, anywhere, and also supports 4K HD video call experience, ultra-high-definition multi-channel video backhaul, no one Small bus connections, AR navigation, AR cultural display, AR consumer drainage, and big data services such as line-awareness provide a better travel experience for citizens.