Bombshell plea from NYC ICU doctor: COVID-19 is a condition of oxygen deprivation, not pneumonia… VENTILATORS may be causing the lung damage, not the virus



5G causes the same results – interacting with the bloods’ ability to absorb oxygen. Anyone falling over on the streets yet?

Oxygen deprivation is a common symptom of exposure to 5G operating at 60 GHz. The oxygen molecule absorbs 5G highest at 60 GHz, so at this frequency it prevents oxygen from being absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood. Search for “5G causes oxygen deprivation” for more info. I have little doubt that 5G is what is causing this “sickness”, not any virus. Wuhan, China had 10,000 5G transmitters installed, just before this “viral outbreak” set in there. People were dropping like flies as soon as they “flipped the 5G switch.”

Dave this article about the NY doctor ties in with the leads I’m following for 5G correlation to covid19 Please check out these videos! None of these people know each other but their stories all line up. Could be on to something lifesaving. This engineer helped create 5G and gives you the technical correlation between 5G and Covid19 https ED NOTE- SORRY BUT AS STATED, LINKS ARE NOT ALLOWED This doctor gives you the medical correlation between between 5G and Covid19

What an insight ONE GREAT MIND can have for the whole world’s benefit! Kudos to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell for challenging and toppling the current medical approach, Mike Adams for searching relentlessly for the truth, and Dave Hodges for providing same-day coverage in your popular worldwide forum! China wouldn’t share this information even if their virologists at the Wuhan Institute of Death knew it full well. Our war is not only against an “invisible” enemy but also against China’s DISINFORMATION, their sinister ulterior motive being to achieve world dominance. China has wreaked havoc with nations the world over. Lesson learned: China AIN’T your friend; quit buying from China. If patients need O2, then will OXYGEN CHAMBERS save their lives?

Brave man. Called two doctors at home this morning with the information. If true, and believe it to be, will be a game changer if it’s allowed by the powers that be to get “out there.” Hope so. Dave, if this is 02 deficiency, the information previously sent to you may be good-to-know stuff, imo.

So glad to see this physician´s video is being shown here. I saw it yesterday and immediately posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Who will accept the blame for this deadly mistake? Not pneumonia; ventilators causing the lung damage not the virus! How can hospitals/physicians not recognize this? Is this why the CDC insists that hospitals write out the cause of death by “corona virus,” on the death certificates whether or not it was caused by the virus? I do not trust the CDC at this point to tell the truth.

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