Today, Telia, Ericsson and the government celebrate the launch of 5G in Stockholm despite widespread criticism from researchers, doctors, organizations and many citizens who believe that 5G leads to serious health and environmental consequences. There is no complete research showing that 5G does not lead to serious harm to human health and the environment, which is why some reputable experts believe that 5G therefore violates human rights conventions. Attorney and environmentalist Robert F. Kenndy Jr. has called 5G “a big nightmare”. From areas where 5G was previously started, reports of serious health problems and testimonies are available about bird and insect death.

According to Telia , 5G has been running for several weeks: “Already 15 base stations are ready and another 60 will be built in June. Right into midsummer, the 5G network will cover most of central Stockholm. In parallel, it will be built in a further 12 cities including Gothenburg and Malmö with launch later this year. ”, Announces the company, which ranks 4th on a less flattering list of the world’s most corrupt companies. Three on the list are the biggest stakeholder behind 5G: Ericsson.

Yesterday, Tele2 also announced that it was launching 5G in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Here is their coverage map.

Both Telia and Tele2 already have licenses for 5G frequencies, as stated by PTS earlier . (Tele2 via Net4Mobility). Auctions for the allocation of 5G frequencies will be held in early November 2020, but now 5G starts well before that.

More than 370 scientists and doctors have now signed 5G Appeal, which calls for the moratorium on 5G, as there is absolutely no research that shows that 5G is not harmful and when existing research shows that the radiation emitted by 5G is harmful. 5G leads to a massive increase in radiation exposure.

5G leads to massive increase in microwave radiation

5G will cause significantly higher exposure to microwave radiation than previous systems (GSM, 3G, 4G). 5G is based on a new technology, first developed for military purposes, so-called phase-controlled group antennas that concentrate the radiation in narrow strips. The increased transmission rate marketed as 5G’s advantage leads to the back of increased radiation and very intense radiation pulses whose consequences for human health and the environment are completely unexplored. According to Ericsson’s assessment , 5G cannot be expanded in countries with 100 times lower limit values ​​because the limit value is exceeded within 115 meters of a base station on a city property.

Therefore, the companies have lobbied for countries such as Belgium, Italy and Switzerland to raise their limit values, which has been successful in Brussels, where the limit value was increased 5.5 times compared to that applied to the 4G expansion and 20 times compared to that applied. at the 3G rollout. In Switzerland , on the other hand, the government has not bowed to the companies’ pressures, but is adhering to its significantly lower limit value compared to what applies in Sweden.

Researchers conclude that people who come near base stations for 5G may be exposed to health hazard levels:

“5G causes significantly higher radiation than current systems due to higher concentration of microwave energy” … “When a person approaches a 5G base station (phase controlled group antenna) the value becomes a significant health problem and more research is needed before 5G can be rolled out

Expected increase in ill-health and cancer

Extensive research shows that microwave radiation causes oxidative stress, DNA damage and increased cancer incidence both in humans and in animal experiments.

For 50 years, research has described that microwave radiation causes a symptom picture (microwave syndrome) that includes:

  • headache, migraine, pressure over the head
  • difficulty sleeping, abnormal fatigue
  • concentration and memory problems, dizziness
  • depression, depression
  • stress, anxiety, changed behavior, increased irritation
  • chest pressure, irregular or elevated heart rhythm
  • burning skin and rash, allergy
  • tinnitus ( microwave hearing )
  • inflammation and impaired immune system
  • visual disturbances, light sensitivity
  • thyroid disorders and effects on the hormone system

From the Merriam Webster medical lexicon :

“Medical Definition of microwave sickness : a condition of impaired health reported especially in the Russian medical literature which is characterized by headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating and by changes in the cardiovascular and central nervous systems and that is held to be caused by prolonged exposure to low-intensity microwave radiation ”

From the articleThe microwave syndrome or electro-hypersensitivity: historical background. “By Professor David Carpenter:

“Soviet bloc countries reported that individuals exposed to microwaves frequently developed headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleepiness, difficulty in concentration, poor memory, emotional instability, and labile cardiovascular function, and established stringent exposure standards. For a variety of reasons, these reports were discounted in Western countries, where the prevailing belief was that there could be no adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that were not mediated by tissue heating. The reported Soviet effects were at lower intensities than those that cause heating. … .There is increasing evidence that the “ microwave syndrome ” or “electro-hypersensitivity” (EHS) is a real disease caused by exposure to EMFs, especially those in themicrowave range. The reported incidence of the syndrome is increasing along with increasing exposure to EMFs from electricity, WiFi, mobile phones and towers, smart meters and many other wireless devices . ”

It is primarily the above symptoms that will increase as 5G is started in Stockholm. In recent months, breathing problems and nosebleeds among children have also become common in the symptom picture. In the long term, 5G will lead to an increased incidence of cancer and probably also an increased incidence of neurological diseases, eye damage (cataracts), and more.

Repeated research has convincingly shown that radiation is harmful to the brain and damages or kills nerve cells.

May be feared to deteriorate the general state of health

When Telenor started 5G in Oslo, testimonies of severe headaches came. When 5G was started in Sundsvall, we received reports from the Radiation Protection Foundation on serious health problems among those living near the 5G base station. When Swisscom started 5G in Switzerland, reports of severe headaches , tinnitus and heart problems came. Swisscom started 5G despite the fact that a few weeks earlier, in the spring of 2019, the local government in Geneva decided on a moratorium on the 5G expansion due to health risks.

Bird and insect death reports that may have been caused by 5G’s intense radiation. The Radiation Protection Foundation described the case of hundreds of dead birds in the Netherlands a year and a half ago which coincided with 5G being tested in the area. It was found during the review that there is no protection for birds and insects in the current “reference value” and research has also shown that insects absorb significantly more radiation at the higher frequencies that 5G intends to use. A report from the United States Department of the Army found that:

  • Very fast pulses at certain frequencies can cause epilepsy-like seizures and the individual loses control of their muscles.
  • The size of the living creature and the wavelength or frequency used are of crucial importance to the effect.
  • Some organs are more sensitive than others because of their size and shape and that they resonate more with a certain frequency than others.

None of the above has been studied by research into the effects of 5G frequencies on various organs and the effects of fast 5G pulses on birds, insects or humans. Neither does the combination of 5G and simultaneous exposure to 4G, 3G, WiFi, magnetic fields or chemicals and environmental toxins.

An EU-funded study published in 2018 found that serious environmental impact cannot be ruled out due to microwave radiation and 5G can aggravate the situation.

Risk assessments

In addition to the risk assessment carried out within 5G Appeal by just over 370 scientists and doctors, the Radiation Protection Foundation a year ago submitted a risk assessmentThe Radiation Safety Authority for their risk assessment (see below). 5G can be feared to deteriorate the general state of health and also poses considerable risks to birds, insects and animals and therefore it contravenes the so-called stop rule of the environmental bar which says that an activity must not be conducted if it can be feared to deteriorate the general state of health. 5G could, according to an objective assessment, not be launched because the technology violates Swedish law (Chapter 2 of the Environmental Code section 10§). There is no research to show that it does not pose health risks in exposing people to 5G or to the sky-high levels of radiation that are already measured in homes before the 5G expansion and that obviously cause serious health problems for many. Nevertheless, the authorities, the government and the telecom companies refer to a so-called “reference value”developed by the organization ICNIRP as a guarantee that radiation from 5G is harmless as the radiation will be lower than the soaring reference value. ICNIRP’s value lacks protection against effects that are the result of longer exposure and the health effects, including cancer, that have been shown to occur at significantly lower levels after prolonged exposure, that is, the form of exposure that is current from base stations and masts for 5G – instead, it only protects against immediate heating effects within 30 minutes. It is therefore heavily criticized for being insufficient. 252 scientists, the majority of researchers active in the field, believe that the evidence is growing for adverse effects well below this outdated value.

In March 2020, the European Parliament’s Research Service submitted a report that briefly summarizes the research situation on 5G:

“Various studies suggest that 5G would affect the health of humans, plants, animals, insects, and microbes – and as 5G is an untested technology, a cautious approach would be prudent. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Helsinki Accords and other international treaties recognize that informed consent prior to interventions that might affect human health is an essential, fundamental human right, which becomes even more controversial when considering children’s and young people’s exposure ”

In January 2020, the French authority ANSES submitted a preliminary report on 5G of approximately 70 pages, stating that there is no research on the frequencies 5G will use in the first stage, ie around 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz.

The government and authorities have not made a risk assessment

No objective investigation into the risks with 5G has been made by the Swedish government and the authorities. Nevertheless, for several years the government has promoted and acted as an advertising pillar for the expansion of 5G.

Nor has the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority completed the risk assessment that was recently initiated in the spring of 2018, which has been conducted extremely inefficiently and in a non-transparent and anonymous way.

Geneva moratorium 5G and 4G + for three years

At the end of February 2020, the regional parliament in the Swiss canton of Geneva decided on a moratorium on new antennas for 4G + and 5G, which will be valid for three years. All new installations for 4G + and 5G in the Canton of Geneva must be licensed. In practice, this means that all conversion of base stations from 4G to 5G will be refused for a period of three years. In addition, a moratorium for 5G is introduced at very high frequencies, so-called millimeter waves.

Furthermore, in Brussels and Wallonia, 5G has been temporarily halted due to uncertainty about 5G’s health and environmental impact. Wallonia’s regional government wants the risks to be investigated first.

In Italy, an intense debate about health risks is ongoing with 5G. 253 Italian mayors have banned 5G and 415 municipalities have decided on measures to apply the precautionary principle regarding 5G.

More about 5G:

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“Today is a milestone” – Telia opens 5g network

Telia’s new CEO Allison Kirkby together with Anders Ygeman, Minister of Energy and Digitization Photo: TT
On Sunday, Tele2 smuggled its 5g network in Stockholm and on Monday morning, Energy and Digitization Minister Anders Ygeman Telia’s purple band cut in front of a new 5g-equipped mobile mast overlooking Nybro bay.

Published: May 25, 2020, 4:09 pm

The race among telecom giants to be first out with a national 5g network has been sweaty.

On Sunday, as Tele2 , as Di reported, was only released when they activated Sweden’s first public 5g network, but only in Stockholm’s inner city at first.

Barely a day later, Telia had invited the inauguration and presentation of her network with traditional ribbon cutting.

“Today is a milestone for Telia’s 5g journey. It has been a journey and it will continue to be there when we roll out 5g all over Sweden during the year, ”says Allison Kirkby, Telia’s newly appointed CEO.

The launch of the new generation’s network just during the corona crisis meant that Allison Kirkby could place extra emphasis on the importance of modern technology.

“Our mobile networks have never been more important than now, it helps us stay in touch with friends, family and our employees.”

On the spot was Minister of Energy and Digitization Anders Ygeman who also in his speech emphasized the need for fast technology.