SEPTEMBER 27, 2021



In a brief interview for El Mundo al Rojo, Dr. José Luis Sevillano explained the work carried out to date by La Quinta Columna, and he also answered a question commonly asked by those who are just beginning to learn more about the Spanish team: How to explain ‘contagion’ if there is no virus? 

The followers of the Spanish researchers already know that the 5G antennas, on the one hand, radiate at certain frequencies that are above the established limit. Those frequencies are multiplied by a thousand times by graphene oxide, causing in those inoculated with the fashionable substance, the well-known COVID lung (bilateral pneumonia).


In just 2 minutes, Dr. Sevillano gives the answer in the following fragment that Orwell City brings today. Link: Rumble

El Mundo al Rojo: In this theory that you explain to us what role would the whole issue of contagions play, or how would it be explained? Because, obviously, there have been families in which many people have been infected. Some have had constipation, others with flu, others with… In short, what would be the explanation of one thing and the other?

Dr. Sevillano: Well, that’s a very good question. The point is that… I’ll try to be very quick, to be honest

The first thing to consider is whether what we’re seeing are really contagions of a coronavirus or… what are we seeing there? So, there are cases of contagions, and there are sick people. It’s also true that the disease is grouped in certain families and in certain groups such as nursing homes. But we must take into account, as I said before, that this material is radio modulable. That is to say, you only have to have an antenna close by to start to become seriously ill. As I say, COVID type ill. We’re not talking about colds or cases of flu every year. No. We’re talking about COVID lung. In short, serious cases take you to the ICU and kill you. These types of cases, which are not many, do exist. And they do occur in groups.

But this is precisely the reason I’m telling you about it. Because there’s a clustering phenomenon at the moment when an antenna radiates to the people and to the whole group that carries the material in its body. Such as the elderly in the residences, who were all vaccinated against the flu. And in the flu vaccine, we have found material. 

And, in addition, you have to take into account one thing, and that is that this material radiates. That is, it multiplies by a thousand the signals it receives from the antennae.

So, you’re entering a range called TeraHertzwhich is very close to ionizing radiation. So, a person exposed to this type of wave is multiplying the signals coming from the antenna and is getting sick simultaneously. And be careful because he could be irradiating and ‘infecting’ people around him. ‘Infecting,’ in quotation marks.

That person is damaging the people around him without passing any microbes to them. And this is something that we have to study. We are working on it to prove it. Because it’s not easy doing it with the means we have.

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