Despite being a facility of general interest, the Town Hall requires compliance with urban regulations

Inca, Majorca Spain 

The 5G antenna was activated in May 2021 on rustic land near Camí de Can Boqueta.  

The City Council of Inca has ordered the stoppage of the activity of the 5G antenna located on the Can Boqueta path for failing to comply with local urban planning regulations and for causing inconvenience to the residents of the area.

The capital of Raiguer is the first municipality in Mallorca to put obstacles in the way of installing this type of infrastructure in non-urban areas. The local government meeting held on Wednesday decided not to admit the responsible declaration that the Telxius company presented in October 2020 to carry out the installation works of the telecommunications antenna on land classified as rural land.

The report prepared by the Consistorio inquer specifies that “these facilities are considered to be of general interest”, but this “does not exempt compliance with the applicable urban regulations”. In addition, it is indicated that “in accordance with the provisions of the approach, the promoters must seek all the possibilities of locating on urban land, something that has not been accredited, but rather the most profitable possibility for the company has been sought, without assessing the environmental damage , aesthetic and noise pollution in an inhabited area.

Noise and Discomfort

One of the main neighborhood complaints has occurred as a result of the installation of an electronic generator not foreseen in the initial project and which constitutes an infrastructure that is “annoying, harmful and prohibited on rural land”. Once the promoter company receives the notification from the Ajuntament d’Inca, it will have 48 hours to stop the activity of the 5G antenna. In addition, the facts will be brought to the knowledge of the Defense Agency of the Territory of Mallorca so that it inspects the works and installations carried out for the purpose of initiating a possible file for the reestablishment of urban legality and of the altered physical reality. It is possible that sanctions will be imposed for urban planning infractions.