Video discussing 5G Concerns from UI Media Newtork :


May 5, 2021

As millions across the world are getting vaccinated with the mRNA experimental drugs, the side effects are on the rise, not only with the people getting vaccinated but also the unvaccinated. Is it the spike proteins that are doing it? Is it the radiation from 5G, or the build-up of nano-size aluminum in our bodies from the falling chemtrails that fill our skies?

We can’t keep up with the reports coming in about how heavy mensural bleeding and even miscarriages are occurring. But, of course, silence from the mainstream media. In fact, the Mayo Clinic came out with having no theoretical evidence at this time. Have you checked the VAERS report lately? Something is going on and no one is talking other than the people who are suffering. Does this strike you as eerie?

Well, it’s happening, and questions are arising. Are these women affected negatively by the shots directly or indirectly, and possibly losing their ability to have children? Or worse how does the mRNA stop replicating? Is there a turn-off switch? Will our immune systems be compromised? Could these shots alone kill us over time?

There are so many unanswered questions, but it’s crickets out there. We seem to be on our own, in the middle of an unknown and dangerous experiment, while each day new variables are being introduced as we assemble, and begin to understand the connection between the vaccines, 5G, and metals in our bodies.
Well, we have a jam-packed show with experts in these fields. Matt Landman, Activist and Producer of Frankenskies, will be discussing what is being dropped over our heads each day that most have no idea it’s happening. Also, Mark Steele, Weapons Systems Expert, sharing his research he believes showing 5G was created to be a frequency weapon. Finally, we have Dr. Carrie Madej, an Internal Medicine Doctor, informing us of nanotechnology being used in our vaccines as we speak.

Join us as we connect the dots of how these three variables in this worldwide experiment could be the kill grid to depopulate humanity.

So, look up, look around, and open your eyes cause we ain’t in Kansas anymore.