by Sue Earle, Salt Spring Island – Times Colonist Life section –
May 21, 2011:

B.C. Hydro is installing smart meters around B.C., and Saltspring has been targeted for blanket installations. We are opposed to this, as our own experience, as well as much research, shows that this wireless technology has a deleterious effect on lifeforms in contact with it.
We have satisfied ourselves that the removal of wireless technology earlier this year -the same as smart meters -in our farmhouse had a direct impact on the resurgence of frogs in our pond, which had dropped dramatically two years earlier after our wireless was installed. Test readings indicated how dangerously high the levels were in our home, just from a router and modem.
We have an organic farm, and are concerned that we do not further damage the environment for insects, frogs, animals and humans. Food security is at stake.
I would like a choice in this matter. Or better, a delay until the next generation of technology comes along that can address these concerns. It is foolish not to pay attention to the “canaries” that can save our lives.
Sue Earle Saltspring Island
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