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Martin Pall to speak in BC

  Dangers of 5G Wifi Presentations  Come listen to Martin Pall, PhD, Professor Emeritus in Biochemistry and Basic Medical Science from Washington State University, a leading expert on the biological effects of radiation from cell phones, WiFi and 5G wireless.  He will be giving public talks from JUNE 26, 2019 to JULY 7, 2019 in […]

Anti-EMF group resists VHF tower

Islanders bring voices to Trust meeting By Elizabeth Nolan Driftwood Staff  April 25, 2019 An Example of a typical CREST VHF monopole, as seen at the View Royal Fire Hall. Legion property where a CREST communications tower is proposed to be located.   Islanders concerned with the potential health risks of electromagnetic energy are calling […]

6 Vancouver Island hospitals could be getting FREE Wi-Fi soon

A classic example of how trusting, uninformed and completely defenseless British Columbians will pay dearly for this province not having its own resident ‘expert’ in non-thermal ELF EMF and RF EMR! Unbelievably, there is no one in BC who knows enough about the known hazards of non-thermal radiation to stand up to Telus and say: […]

Smart Meters Protest on Salt Spring Island Published on Apr 13, 2012 Smart Meters Protest on Salt Spring Island. BC Hydro had informed the residents of Pioneer Village on Salt Spring that “some” meter work was going to be done on Friday 13 April 2012. As far as I know Gary was contracted just to ground the meters that had never […]

Salt Spring Island Smart Meter Rally

Speakers : Chris Anderson from Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology, Walt Mc Ginnis from emrabc, Una St. Clair from Citizens for Safe Technology, Tatha from Victoria BC. Then a march through Ganges, Salt Spring Island BC

Objections to BC Hydro’s “Smartmetering and Infrastructure” Program Prompts Action by Islands Trust Council

IMMEDIATE RELEASE (July 04, 2011) “Privacy, Security and Health” Objections to BC Hydro’s “Smartmetering and Infrastructure” Program Prompts Action by Islands Trust Council The Gulf Islands Trust Council – representing all Island residents –  has unanimously endorsed the call from constituents for BC Hydro to delay forcing wireless smart meters on the public and to […]

Smart Meter Sensitivity

by Linda R. Floyd, Salt Spring Island – Island Tides (page 6) June 16, 2011: – Dear Editor: Since mid-February, when we found out about BC Hydro’s plans to replace all disc meters with a new technology called smart meters, my husband and I and many other neighbours, friends, and acquaintances have been going through […]

Smart meters should be matter of choice

by Sue Earle, Salt Spring Island – Times Colonist Life section – May 21, 2011: B.C. Hydro is installing smart meters around B.C., and Saltspring has been targeted for blanket installations. We are opposed to this, as our own experience, as well as much research, shows that this wireless technology has a deleterious effect […]

Health Problems to Come I am a 56-year-old wife and mother. I do not use wireless technologies/microwave. I have had multiple chemical sensitivities for 19 years and I am very worried about wireless smart meters that will fill my home and neighbourhood with electro-magnetic radiation 24/7. Wireless technologies proliferate without using the precautionary principle: “if an action or […]

Smart meters are a bad idea Gulf Islands Driftwood – Opinion Viewpoint – Smart meters are a bad idea By Contributed Opinion – Gulf Islands Driftwood Published: May 04, 2011 10:00 AM By DULCY WILSON I am very concerned about BC Hydro installing smart meters all over Salt Spring Island. I think it is a very bad idea for many […]

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