Premier Christy Clark said on the campaign trail last year that she wanted to give the people of British Columbia the choice of whether or not to scrap the HST.

Now, she still claims to be offering that choice through a referendum, set for June 24, yet how free of a vote can it be when there is a massive advertising blitz, all funded by you and I, to coerce people into voting to keep it?

Regardless of the for or against reasons, can we really trust the government when it is behaving like this? Does the Liberal government think we are so stupid that we need such a campaign blitz to set us straight in our fiscal ignorance? If the HST tax is simply good for us, shouldn’t it speak for itself?
This tells me that legislators are obviously worried that people are smart enough to figure it out on their own, thus needing a multi-million dollar ad campaign in order to try and sway those who couldn’t be bothered to think for themselves. Furthermore, the fact that the Clark government is now claiming they will lower the HST also shows they know people aren’t buying it at face value.

So, should the HST vote sustain the tax, let it be known that it was not decided by an unrestrained populace but by coercion—an utter failure of democracy.

If Christy Clark really wants to redeem the BC Liberals and how they snuck in the HST, she should stop spending tax dollars on these ads and stop the ads altogether.

Personally, listening to someone attempt to explain how the HST is a job booster and great for everybody requires mental gymnastics. You find yourself not questioning the logistics of it but, instead, wonder if the proponents actually believe what they are saying.

Meanwhile, the B.C. government’s pseudo-green smart meter plan is yet another slap in the face to democracy.

Without debate, consultation, health studies—permission from the public, BC Hydro is going ahead with installing costly electromagnetic devices in the homes of all British Columbians, under the guise of combatting hydro theft and over consumption.

Listening to Province columnist Mike Smyth on CKNW a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but chuckle about his bold promise to eat the piece of paper he read—BC Hydro says it will not eventually take advantage of recording high-consumption hours in order to prop up electricity rates. And he’s right; what’s to stop Hydro from doing so once all of this has been forgotten, say in three years time?

If the U.S. is a model for what is to happen with smart meters being forced on unsuspecting people, the BC Government and BC Hydro can expect municipal moratoriums, bans, and even potential lawsuits—especially from those that claim to physically suffer from the effects of the radiation emitted from Smart Meters.

The outcome of these two pending and highly contentious issues in B.C. should indicate to anyone with eyes to see where our freedom is going.

Tax dollars earmarked for smart meter boondoggle

Dear Editor:

(Re: John O’Connor’s article “HST, smart meters determine democracy”, June 2, 2011)

Now that I’ve recuperated from watching the great hockey game last night, I figure it’s time to get back to the news. John O’Connor’s editorial on the so-called “smart meters” that BC Hydro is installing in every house in B.C. to replace the present meters is right on.

The World Health Organization has found that not only cell phones, but radio frequency radiation and electromagnetic radiation are to be classed as 2b carcinogenic, the same classification as lead paint and DDT. Smart meters emit radio frequency radiation 24/7, blanketing entire neighbourhoods. This has been demonstrated with measuring devices.

B.C. is forcing mandatory exposure to “possible carcinogens” upon us! They don’t give a hoot about us—it’s all about money for somebody’s pockets and invasion of our privacy. I implore you to look into this before Hydro comes to your house.

$1 billion of taxpayers’ money is already earmarked for this boondoggle.

Mary Lowther
Mesachie Lake, B.C.