by Larry Dashchuk, Port Alberni

Times Alberni Valley

June 03, 2011:

Recently our B.C. government has given B.C. Hydro the green light to install smart meters on every home in B.C. this summer.

What is a smart meter? It is B.C. Hydro’s new power metering device which they plan to replace our existing analog meters with. Rather than just measuring bulk power consumption like the hard-wired analog meter, the wireless smart meter blasts powerful electromagnetic radiation through your house each day while it collects power usage information. The problem is there are many health problems associated with EMR. Go to to see how Californians are coping with their smart meters.

We are already subjected to EMR from our cell phones, wireless Internet, microwave ovens, radios etc., but the smart meter produces much stronger EMR than all of these. Many schools that provide wireless Internet services for their students have halted or suspended the service because of the health problems showing up in the students. Health issues cited include chronic migraines, ringing and pressure in the ears, stabbing neck and shoulder pains, insomnia, and nausea. If you notice the onset of these symptoms once you acquire your shiny new smart meter, you might be able to trace it to the EMR from the meter. High level EMR is also a suspected carcinogen; once again see for details.

It was Rich Coleman of our Liberal government who signed the deal with B.C. Hydro, and we all know what happened to our forest industry under their tutelage. The smart meter program will cost almost $1 billion, so look for your power bill to increase.

Larry Dashchuk, Port Alberni