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Saturday Jun 18th, 2011 4:50 AM

The Smart Meter resistance goes international, as Joshua Hart, of the California grassroots group Stop Smart Meters, joins forces with Canadian anti-Smart Meter activists, on the Bmadd Show on CJSF 90.1FM, in British Columbia, Canada.

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On Thurday, June 16, 2011, Joshua Hart, director of the California-based grassroots group Stop Smart Meters, joined Terrance Evans and Sandra Hansen, hosts of the Bmadd Show, in conversation with Milt Bowling of the Clean Energy Foundation and the Health Action Network Society.

They discussed the alarming health impacts, fire danger, and privacy concerns of the meters, and how the ‘Smart’ Grid functions as a constantly pulsing mesh network that contributes dramatically to already dangerous levels of electro-smog. Josh talked about California residents becoming ill since these meters were installed in their neighborhoods, and how some people are being driven from their homes in order to protect their health. He also described how a bank of 110 ‘Smart’ Meters killed the bush that had previously been thriving immediately next to where the meters were installed.

Milt described how the mechanism of harm from microwave radiation is not being considered in criminal and outdated safety standards. They discussed the myth that the ‘Smart’ Grid will lower power consumption, and called it another false solution to climate change. Josh also made connections to the larger implications of the ‘Smart’ Grid, and described the expansion of the global economy at an infinite pace as ‘the ideology of the cancer cell’.

Josh told the story of how PG&E, the monopoly power company in Northern California, uses intimidation to force these meters on customers, threatening them with disconnection of power. He talked about the scandal when the head of PG&E’s ‘Smart’ Meter program spied on activists, and had to to resign his job, when he was caught and came under investigation.

They strategized about how to stop monopoly utilities from rolling over an unwilling public, that depends on them for light, heating, and water. Josh cited examples of actions taken by communities in California, including locking up analog meters to prevent installation, letters to editors, local government ordinances prohibiting installation, legal actions to halt the program, protests at the utility, it’s corrupt oversight agency, and government offices, as well as direct actions that blocked installation yards, billing centers, and roads into towns.

Milt announced that British Columbia will be taking action next Wednesday, protesting against BC Hydro’s plans to install ‘Smart Meters’ there this Summer (see details below).

To find out more about Josh’s group, Stop Smart Meters, in California, see:

To find out more about Milt Bowling’s work in British Columbia see:

Terrance Evans plans to do at least a couple more Bmadd shows on this issue.
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“Smart Meters are Stupid” Rally
Wednesday June 22, 2011 – 10 a.m.
333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, BC.

More info about this rally:

Walter McGinnis emf [at] (250) 652-2554
EM Radiation Health Alliance of B.C.

Chris Anderson canderson [at] (250) 537-5102
Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology

Una St. Clair una [at] (604) 532-1863
Citizens for Safe Technology Society