by Linda R. Floyd, Salt Spring Island – Island Tides (page 6)

June 16, 2011:

Dear Editor:
Since mid-February, when we found out about BC Hydro’s plans to replace all disc meters with a new technology called smart meters, my husband and I and many other neighbours, friends, and acquaintances have been going through emotional hell.

I have suffered from multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) for 19 years now. Soon after we moved to Central Saanich, to what we thought would be our final dream home and property, we discovered that the surrounding farms constantly used pesticides on their land and crops. So, after four years of intensive research, we finally decided that a move to Salt Spring Island was the healthiest option for me and our family.

We have lived on our beautiful property in a wonderful neighbourhood now for 14 years. We have a 25-year plan (it takes a long time because of my sensitivity to everything) for fixing up our house and establishing our gardens.

Now that the federal and provincial governments are basically forcing BC Hydro to go ahead with the installation of wireless smart meters throughout the province, our whole life has been thrown up in the air. When these meters are installed, there will be nowhere to go in BC, across Canada, or anywhere else in the world where these meters are being installed.

Even if we go off the power grid in our Salt Spring home, our whole neighbourhood and all of Salt Spring Island will be filled with the invisible electromagnetic fields.

Why is this allowed? Where are our human rights to live in a healthy way? We will have no choice because the whole environment will be changed everywhere.

I do not have electrohypersensitivity (EHS) but I sure don’t want to add this illness to my MCS. Did you know that between 3-5% of the world’s population suffers from EHS?  And do you realize that there are 1 million Canadians who suffer from MCS like me? How are we going to cope? Where can we go to be safe?

And what about this whole-environment exposure to the elderly, children, and especially babies?  They are even more vulnerable than anyone else.

Linda R Floyd, Salt Spring Island