On May 31, 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer’s 31 international scientists officially classified microwave radiation from wireless devices a 2b carcinogen.

This is major news! All of those gadgets which have become essential to our lives, and which surround us 24/7 might cause cancer. Thousands of studies done by hundreds of world class scientists over several decades have shown serious health effects like blood brain barrier leakage which causes neurological problems, or DNA damage which can cause mutation of cells, or hormonal changes which can lead to cancer. But, due largely to industry influence, these have been ignored, until MAY 31, 2011!!

But what does our esteemed Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall say? In a letter posted on the BC Centre for Disease Control he mocks the rating, saying it means that radiation from cell phones is no more dangerous than coffee. He deliberately misleads the public by making them believe that using a microwave device, all day, radiating your head is no worse than drinking a cup of coffee. Shame on him for not saying that drinking huge amounts of coffee has been linked to bladder cancer.

Dr. Kendall says many everyday items are given a 2b rating. This is a lie. There are 200 substances in this category and few would consider lead, DDT or industrial chemicals everyday items.

He further states that this decision by IARC was based on old information, implying that means the decision was immaterial. First, the decision was based on a thorough review of all available science, including several new studies regarding cellphones which were not included in the infamous Interphone study. Because the Interphone study had been funded largely by the telecom companies, and industry affiliated researchers had participated in setting the guidelines for the study, many independent scientists held back their reports. They refused to be tinged by the taint of collusion which surrounded that multimillion dollar report.

Why does Dr. Kendall whitewash the IARC decision when he should be encouraging precautionary policies to protect the public? He clearly is not doing his job. Why, Dr. Kendall? In the past when asked about Canada’s lack of protective guidelines regarding WiFi in schools, cell transmitters near homes and hospitals, and children sleeping with cell phones you said you believed there was no evidence of harm and you looked to Health Canada which followed WHO’s lead. Now that the WHO has found evidence of harm, enough to call wireless radiation a possible carcinogen, you decide WHO is wrong. You decide WHO is wrong. You, with no research experience on the topic, decide you know more than all of the experts on the IARC panel.

Shame on you, Dr. Kendall. Did you not take the Hippocratic oath when you became a doctor?  Have you handed it over to the gods of industry? I can think of no other reason for your shameful failure to do your job.

I call upon the Minister of Health to fire you for gross negligence. British Columbia deserves better than you, Dr. Kendall.

Yours truly,

Sharon Noble

818 Bexhill Place

Victoria, BC V9C 3V5