Smart Meter Explosion & Fire


Anti-smart meter activist Serge Vaillancourt of Nanaimo phoned Chris Anderson, Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology spokesperson, at 2PM today.
Serge reports that he was interviewed at his home today by CHEK TV. The News Crew was following up a call about a smart meter explosion and fire at a home in the Nanaimo area.
Apparently, a lady in Nanaimo had just had a new smart meter installed and it blew up and caught on fire. The Crew left after his brief interview to go to the site of the incident.
Serge was told that this news story will be on the 5 PM CHEK TV newscast.
This is the first fire and explosion in B.C. which we are aware of.
Other BC smart meter incidents include: burnt out fridges, microwave oven, stove, PVR, coffee maker, damaged wiring, and property damage surrounding meters.
In other areas where similar “smart” meters are deployed, there have been numerous incidents of the new meters exploding and causing fires.  Also, there are many reports of expensive equipment, appliances, electric cars, electronics, etc. being damaged.
Numerous adverse health incidents continue to be reported, including occupants who were unaware that a radiating spy meter had been installed.
Please advise as to any/all similar reports regarding damage to homes, equipment, appliances, and wiring as well as any adverse
health effects from these hazardous smart meters.
Chris Anderson
Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology