Actions to Take re Smart Meter Installers on Salt Spring Island 

Official BC Hydro letters, plus an Island Tides ad, confirm that a swarm of BC Hydro/Corix installers will likely be here on Monday, October 22 for a 3 week blitz of the island.

Recommendations to Refuseniks about the hazardous “smart” meter program:

– You may want to consider protecting your non-smart electric meter from being replaced by a wireless “smart” meter by installing a meter block or physical barricade. Note: thousands of BC citizens believe they must physically protect their safe conventional electric meter.

– The protection is your property and breaking into it with destructive force entails breaking the law. If installers destroy your protectio

n, they are committing vandalism to your property.– We encourage you to stand your ground. Remember – we’re doing the right thing by opposing this flawed technology and insisting on a safer system.– Do not give in to fear, bully tactics, or threats.– Demand politely that installers leave your property. Tell them you will call the Police if they do not leave your premises or if they commit further trespass. Keep cool and avoid threats or excess rudeness. Do not touch the installer and they should not touch you – that is assault.

– Please be on guard, and protect your (and your neighbours’) premises. Stand with/support each other in refusing these dangerous microwave-emitting devices.

– You and your neighbour can exercise your absolute right to refuse a “smart” meter.

– Be polite but firm and INSIST that all communication from BC Hydro/Corix be IN WRITING (not verbal or on the telephone)!

– Please be part of a neighbourhood phone/e-mail tree – contact Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology (see below).

If you are refusing a smart meter you MUST:

– send a letter to BC Hydro (see ‘non-consent’ form letter below).
– post water-proof ‘do not install’ signs near the meter & write on them your name, address, & date (see below).


1. Print out information below and keep in Ziplock bag next to your door. Letters, Laws, Neighbourhood List.

2. When installer comes:
– phone a neighbour – ask them to phone others on the Neighbourhood List and to phone Chris Anderson (537-5102) or Andrea Collins (653-4940) or Tom Pickett (653-9188) and to phone Salt Spring Radio: Office: (250) 931-1079 On-Air: (250) 931-7999 (they will report locations of installers).
– use your Video Camera.
– take bag of information.

Sign: Attention! Corix-Smart Meter Installer for BC Hydro – NO TRESPASSING – DO NOT INSTALL SMART METER HERE- This property is Private Property. This property is Claimed Property. (below – copy/paste/print).

ALERT: Sign for Human Rights Tribunal Participants to attach to analogue meter – For people participating or planning on participating in the Human Rights Class Action Against BC Hydro: –,2,2701.

LETTER OF NON-CONSENT for SMART METER – Refusal Letter to send ASAP to BC Hydro (Corix) re Smart Meter Installation – with instructions: –,73,1220.

Notice to Law Officer, Police Officer, RCMP Officer to be shown or read to confrontational or insistent Smart Meter installers – Citizens for Safe Technology – May 19, 2012: –,2,2163.

Corix may threaten Police involvement. You need to know your rights and calmly demand that your rights be respected but remember that any action on your part that might be interpreted as a threat could justify police intervention.

And let’s remember that the threat of being cut off from electricity – with so much vigorous, informed opposition here – remains a very remote and unlikely possibility.

Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology

Stop Smart Meters BC (Salt Spring)

Citizens for Safe Technology: –

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters: –

Stop Smart (BC Citizens’ Initiative Petition): –