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6 Vancouver Island hospitals could be getting FREE Wi-Fi soon

A classic example of how trusting, uninformed and completely defenseless British Columbians will pay dearly for this province not having its own resident ‘expert’ in non-thermal ELF EMF and RF EMR! Unbelievably, there is no one in BC who knows enough about the known hazards of non-thermal radiation to stand up to Telus and say: […]

5G : Your Comments on the BC Development Strategy by FEB 28

BC is creating a new Rural Development Strategy.  The provincial govt will be posting a series of discussion topics at the link below, plus specific comments may be submitted by February 28.    “Feedback received will be compiled into a report and posted to this site in Spring 2018. Government will use the data gathered from […]

Gulf Islands : Cell Tower Plan Spurs Local Debate

Cell Tower Plan Spurs Local Debate North Pender community divided by Freedom Mobile proposal By Driftwood Staff Last updated Aug 1, 2017 When North Pender Island resident Diane Cuthbert received a letter in the mail addressed to “property owner” with the return address to a company called Prime Site Solutions, she almost threw it out. […]

10 Corix Hydro Vans on Ferry to Salt Spring SALT SPRING AND OTHER ISLANDS ARE TARGETED BY “SMART” METER INSTALLERS MONDAY, OCT. 22 Actions to Take re Smart Meter Installers on Salt Spring Island  Official BC Hydro letters, plus an Island Tides ad, confirm that a swarm of BC Hydro/Corix installers will likely be here on Monday, October 22 for a 3 week […]

Maintenance call ignites emotional standoff

Maintenance call ignites emotional standoff About ten of us tried to talk the owners out of accepting the smart  meter after their meter glass cracked and Hydro insisted they didn’t  have any more analogue or digital meters left to replace it. The  owners were insistent that they didn’t want a smart meter (they even had a […]

Taking Back Our Power

Letter to Editor, Gulf Islands Driftwood July 30, 2012 This will attempt to correct misinformation presented in a “Viewpoint” article which apparently relied on government and industry information to claim that radiofrequency/microwave radiation – EMR – is supposedly safe. This is also to refute some of the misrepresentation found in the letter to the editor […]

Salt Spring Island Smart Meter Rally

Speakers : Chris Anderson from Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology, Walt Mc Ginnis from emrabc, Una St. Clair from Citizens for Safe Technology, Tatha from Victoria BC. Then a march through Ganges, Salt Spring Island BC

Objections to BC Hydro’s “Smartmetering and Infrastructure” Program Prompts Action by Islands Trust Council

IMMEDIATE RELEASE (July 04, 2011) “Privacy, Security and Health” Objections to BC Hydro’s “Smartmetering and Infrastructure” Program Prompts Action by Islands Trust Council The Gulf Islands Trust Council – representing all Island residents –  has unanimously endorsed the call from constituents for BC Hydro to delay forcing wireless smart meters on the public and to […]

Smart meters are a bad idea Gulf Islands Driftwood – Opinion Viewpoint – Smart meters are a bad idea By Contributed Opinion – Gulf Islands Driftwood Published: May 04, 2011 10:00 AM By DULCY WILSON I am very concerned about BC Hydro installing smart meters all over Salt Spring Island. I think it is a very bad idea for many […]

Smart Meters Pose Health Risk

Gulf Islands Driftwood – Opinion Published: February 16, 2011  10:00 AM By CHRIS ANDERSON Electromagnetic radiation – EMR – such as measured from so-called smart meters –  has been associated in many scientific studies with negative health effects: (“Gulf Islands pilot for BC Hydro Wireless project”, Feb. 9). Hydro has decided to install a WIMAX system and smart […]

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