By Jane Deacon  

An anti-Smart Meter group will continue its fight against BC Hydro despite a Human Rights Tribunal decision to dismiss its discrimination complaint last week.

Citizens of Safe Technology Society will refocus efforts on a civil claim – scheduled to come before B.C.’s Supreme Court next April – that charges BC Hydro’s wireless Smart Meter program infringes upon civil rights by forcing the devices on residents, said Una St. Clair, CSTS executive director.

“With the (Human Rights Tribunal) sham behind us, we must go after choice for everyone in the civil lawsuit,” she said in a statement to membership.

CSTS members allege the devices’ wireless waves result in “electrohypersensitivity,” which has symptoms of memory lapses, sleep disturbances and concentration problems.

The tribunal denied CSTS a hearing, saying “there is no reasonable prospect that the complainants will be able to establish that the (electromagnetic frequency) exposure resulting from Smart Meters results in adverse health consequences related to EHS.”

A 2013 decision from the BC Utilities Commission permits the use of Smart Meters through Health Canada safety code.

“Now we have a single, razor-honed focus on the lawsuit to get choice for all,” she said. “We can put all our efforts, our money, our minds, our hearts and prayers into fighting this in the Supreme Court.”