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WI-FI, Human Rights and Corporate Interests

Posted on March 26, 2015  Is the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal  stacked in favor of corporate interests ? -Walt McGinnis A longtime corporate lawyer who has already turned down one appeal to the Human Rights Tribunal regarding radio frequency radiation (rfr) exposure from Smart meters is now ruling on a new appeal submitted by a grandmother […]

France : Law to regulate Electromagnetic Field Exposure

The | 01/29/2015 at 13:50 • Updated 1/29/2015 at 17:58 | By Pierre Le Hir Expected for two years, the law governing public exposure to electromagnetic waves generated by wireless technologies (relay antennas, mobile phones, tablets …) was adopted by the deputies, Thursday, January 29 late morning, in favor of a parliamentary recess of […]

Tribunal ends anti-Smart Meter case

By Jane Deacon  September 28, 2014 2:29:25 PDT PM An anti-Smart Meter group will continue its fight against BC Hydro despite a Human Rights Tribunal decision to dismiss its discrimination complaint last week. Citizens of Safe Technology Society will refocus efforts on a civil claim – scheduled to come before B.C.’s Supreme Court next April – that […]

Human Rights Tribunal Update

Reply to BC Hydro’s filing with Human Rights Tribunal. Citizens for Safe Technology Society is asking for accommodation of those with medical diagnosis where doctor is advising patient should not be exposed to wireless smart meter for health reasons. Read PDF

CST Calls Upon Medical Experts in BC to Protect Their Patients

Citizens for Safe Technology Society (CST) has launched a Human Rights action against BC Hydro requesting accommodation of individuals refusing a wireless “smart meter” for health reasons. These are persons with a variety of health concerns ranging from cancer to heart problems, from seizures to electrosensitivity, and who have medical letters from their doctors requesting BC […]

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