• 11:02 am, December 23rd, 2014



SAINT-AGATHE-DES-MONTS, Que. – A Hydro-Quebec worker appears to have missed the memo that said the new smart meters are optional.

The worker faces disciplinary measures for breaking into a home north of Montreal to install a new digital counter.

Homeowner Lucie Racicot caught the installer climbing through the window of her veranda.

“She had the smart meter in her hands and she was ready to change it without my permission,” Racicot told QMI Agency.

“When I confronted her she said: ‘Miss, we can be bold at Hydro when we have to be.'”

The worker then left through the same window.

Hydro-Quebec confirmed the story to QMI Agency and has apologized to Racicot by phone and by letter.

“The employee’s behaviour is completely unacceptable,” spokesman Patrice Lavoie told QMI.

He insists Hydro-Quebec isn’t pressuring workers to install smart meters.

Meanwhile, Racicot wants compensation and says she’s keeping her old meter at all costs.

With files from Olivier Bourque