Posted: Friday, December 26, 2014 3:07 pm

 In response to Ian Dyck’s recent letters supporting FortisBC’s smart meter installations (AMI), Okanagan people need to know that what you can’t see will hurt you.

Eminent, independent, non-industry-funded scientists with expertise in the area of electromagnetic radiation have warned us now for many years that:

a) long-term, low-level, pulsed, non-thermal radio/microwave frequency radiation is harmful to humans and all living things;

b) power line (60 Hz) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation given off by household wiring, electrical appliances, high voltage power transmission and distribution lines, etc. is equally harmful to humans and all living things.

Deployment of smart meters and their imposition on an unsuspecting population will eventually cause a crisis in human health unseen before in human history.

It wasn’t the firestorm that killed the victims of Dresden, it was the lack of oxygen. It wasn’t the mushroom cloud that killed the victims of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombing, it was radiation exposure.

Oxygen and ionizing radiation are invisible, proving that what you can’t see can kill. Oxygen and radiation are invisible, as is non-ionizing radiation at the lower end of the spectrum, i.e. microwaves emitted from cellphones, any wireless gadget, including smart meters.

We’re facing what Dr. Devra Davis, distinguished epidemiologist, author of Disconnect and founder of the Environmental Health Trust in the United States, calls “the slow roll-out of an epidemic.”

Around the world, people are already suffering. They are going to their doctors with symptoms consistent with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), yet doctors are untrained in the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation and treat patients according to their symptoms.

This violates the first rule of medicine, which is to remove the patient from the cause of their disease.

Scientific evidence is being swept under the carpet. Confusion over scientific results is being created by people like Dr. William Bailey, of Exponent, a product defence consultant for FortisBC in last year’s smart meter hearing before the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC).

The BCUC and government officials such as Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall are turning a blind eye to the unfolding carnage. FortisBC Smart Meter Project Director Ian Dyck is a businessman.

His sole purpose is to increase corporate profit. BC Hydro is a Crown Corporation. As a government body, BC Hydro is breaking the social contract that binds our society for the benefit of everyone.

A broken contract means that both partners will suffer. Those responsible for implementing wireless technology — especially smart meters — will not escape.

I have decided not to have any smart

meter installed on my house. This after also having read the concise and precise power point presentation by Jerry Flynn, a retired Canadian military officer who spent more than 22 years in Electronic Warfare:

To my knowledge, this presentation so far has not been refuted nor rebutted by authorities.

Dr. Kendall and Dr. Bailey refuse to meet Jerry Flynn in an open discussion about the controversial smart meter issue.

Your readers are also referred for more independent to

Remember: “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth.”  (Albert Einstein)

Hans Karow,

Coalition to Reduce Electropollution,


PDF Document  Looming_Health_Crisis_of_Our_Time_-_The_Unchecked_Proliferation_of_Wireless_Technology