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Three months after the installation of a router on his property without his permission, a couple of d’Asbestos has finally been successful. Hydro-Québec has removed the device last week.

This is a victory for Ginette Gagné-Julien and Michel Gagné, who put a lot of energy to demonstrate that the corporation had been wrong to install this router on their property.

“Our analyzes show that the post on which you installed the router is on the ground and is not affected by an easement to Hydro-Québec. »

– Excerpt from a letter sent by Hydro-Québec to Ginette Gagné-Julien

Julien-Ginette Gagné is relieved that Hydro-Québec removes the router. “I was very happy. I could not wait being lifted. They established on 17 September, “she says.

The resident of d’Asbestos says she experienced health problems shortly after the installation of the device that can receive and transmit data from smart meters nearby. Tightness in the throat, headache, insomnia, ringing in the ears are some of the symptoms she said felt.

The battle to remove the router has been difficult. “I sent a lot of opinion letters. I was an attendant swung to the other, “Mrs. Julien-Gagné. She had, among others, prove that Hydro-Québec had no easement on his property. “I had to go to the land register, I will contact the notary. Sure it involves a lot of steps. »

Initially, the corporation argued that the router was nstalled its own equipment located within a public right of way. This is false, according to a lawyer who made the verification and a written statement which was sent to Hydro-Québec.


Expensive Approaches

These efforts cost him several hundred dollars and took a lot of time. “I find that they had no right to come here, install it without our permission. I do not have to live it, because it’s an ideal location. For me it is a serene living environment and I want it to stay that way “, she defends.

Hydro-Québec recognizes that the installation of the router at this place was a mistake, but argues that this is an exception. “We have received some complaints. Talking about less than ten to mean that a router we might not be in the right place. In other cases that concern us, Hydro-Québec will not move the router or other telecommunications equipment, because we were quite legitimate installing the equipment, “says the spokesperson for Hydro-Québec, Patrice Lavoie.

In 2018, Hydro-Québec will have installed nearly 15,000 routers in Quebec. The corporation says that radio frequency emissions from its facilities have no effect on health. “We talk about power standards, emissions are 120 000 to 150 000 times below the limits established by Health Canada,” says Lavoie.

Since the withdrawal of the router, Ginette Gagné-Julien says her symptoms disappeared, except tinnitus. She and her husband believe that citizens should be vigilant.

The couple plans to send a notice to Hydro-Québec shortly to be compensated.


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Maria Acosta

Suite: This is just coming across the sofa bed in the living room was the least polluted site of the house, after two nights of restful sleep that tinnitus decreased more and finally back pain is gone. My hosts were not so lucky, a few months later, the husband had a major heart attack that was bedridden for months and there is talk of a man in the prime of life, health, not overweight and active. HQ can be hidden behind the standards that do not take into account non-thermal and make an average of one emission while our body feels each pulsed wave 100% and their effect and cumulative. The health hazard is real and it is only in 20 years, when an epidemiological study will count the corpses and mutilated their health, further studies will be made to last in 30, 40 begin to say perhaps the counters and routers are responsible. What now? Refuse ‘smart’ meter and if you already have an ask for a non-communicative. If 50% of Quebecers do, the project falls into the water. The future of Quebec and our health and that of future generations is in our hands. I kept my electromechanical meter, and you?

I had the misfortune to spend a night in Huberdeau in a residence that has a router a few meters from the window of the bedroom that my hosts had offered me. I was unaware that there was a router, we arrived at the residence spent 23 hours and at no time I have thought to check on the posts to see if there was routers. Not only was I unable to close the eye as soon as I fell asleep, within seconds I woke up, but I was very hot, my feet and hands were swollen, small buttons that appeared when the counters “smart” were installed in my neighbourhood have become more present and large, pain in the lower back giving the impression of a valley nerves appeared and tinnitus increased volume five times make my capacity for concentration less. I was lucky, once I got home, inflammation of the feet and hands had disappeared, the buttons had decreased their number and size ‘normal’ (I have never had my buttons life nor in adolescence or my pregnancies), tinnitus had decreased, but not enough to go unnoticed and back pain remained.