Why did Eugene OR get “opt in” to same meters Alliant forces on Wisconsin customers?

January 22, 2014

Eugene Oregon decided to make its smart meter program “opt in” only because area doctors compiled a report that showed all the health damage potential of individual meters and the system. While the utility was not probably concerned about public health, they realized the liability issues were very real.

The doctors’ reports refer to Sensus FlexNet electric metering – the same as Alliant is using in Wisconsin. Alliant (and other electric, gas and water utilities) never offered an “opt in” to smart meters in Wisconsin. Alliant and most WI utilities refuse to people “opt out” for any reason. But these utilities will face liability as more people become educated about the truth: that transmitting radiofrequency/microwave meters and network emissions add up to cancers and other negative health impacts.

Below you will find the well-researched documents prepared by Dr. Paul Dart, M.D., and other medical professionals for the utility. Dr. Dart also submitted these as testimony  to the FCC to encourage the federal regulators to adopt biologically protective radiofrequency/microwave limits to protect the population.

1 Eugene Oregon doctors 2013 fcc comment doctors

2 Eugene doctors 2013 Paul Dart, MD, electrohypersensitivity SCIENCE

3 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and cancer SCIENCE

4 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and DNA SCIENCE

5 Eugene doctors 2013, Cell phones and brain tumors, SCIENCE

6 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and infertility SCIENCE

7 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and hormones SCIENCE

TELL lawmakers to get on the ball and push a consumer protection bill like THIS one. It is time to REJECT chronic radiation-emitting meters on our homes and in our neighborhoods.

Further information about wireless safety can be found by clicking on PROTECT Wisconsin at this site.