West Kelowna   posted February 24, 2015 by   Anita Sthankiya

A new cellphone tower has been proposed on the summit on Blue Grouse Mountain in West Kelowna.

Location of the proposed tower (Photo Credit: RDCO)

In order to improve telecommunications in the area the tower and buildings would be constructed in a visually sensitive area. The proposal was presented to the Regional District Board at their regular meeting and it includes an application for a Communication Site for a 30 year term, subject to several conditions. The province must consider the visual impact of the tower and take measures to ensure that they are minimized. Environmental considerations must also be made as well, attention paid to the fuel storage and site security. The province must also be in compliance with agencies, First Nations and other stakeholders.

Location of the proposed tower (Photo Credit: RDCO)

The 35 metre tall, self-support telecommunications tower would cover approximately 0.72 hectares of land and would provide service from three wireless cell phone and internet companies. The first tenant on the site would be GoGo Wireless, which provides wireless services to commercial and private air traffic. The site would be accessed from the Bear Main Forest Service Road and use an existing power line, several communication towers and associated building equipment already at the location.

Location of the proposed tower (Photo Credit: RDCO)

The Regional Board has given conditional support for the application to Front Counter BC for the proposed tower on Blue Grouse Mountain. The Regional Board support and suggested conditions will now be sent to Front Counter BC as it considers whether to approve the Communications tower application.