Letter posted Feb 20, 2015 at 12:00 PM

To the editor:

In his letter to the Capital News of Feb. 11 [Time to Put ‘Smart Meter Paranoia To Rest’] as a response to Keep Your Smart Meter Off My Townhome [letter to the editor Feb. 6], Robert Wilson clearly proved the old saying that ignorance is bliss.

I measure the signal levels of smart meters with extremely sophisticated equipment and it is true that they may only transmit for a small period of time per day.

The important thing is what they transmit. They are transmitting extremely high levels of pulsed microwave radiation.

The truth is that radiation is radiation. The scientific evidence has now shown conclusively that wireless radiation is just as damaging as nuclear radiation. It just takes more time.

The effects of this radiation are cumulative. When one has been using wireless radiation for more than 10 years their risk of many forms of deadly cancer have quadrupled and quintupled. In case you don’t know what those words mean that means four or five times as likely. This is what is meant by cumulative long-term exposure.

What Mr. Wilson does not understand is that when a neighbourhood has a smart meter on every home there are pulsed wireless blasts of radiation occurring on a very regular basis. A smart meter is significantly more powerful in its output than a cell phone. I know this because I have extremely sophisticated measuring equipment.

The fire risk is a very important issue in that a smart meter is an electronic device with a limited lifespan. Electronic devices that are constantly on, as is a smart meter, have components that degenerate at an accelerated rate. The estimated life of a smart meter is a maximum of five years, according to the industry. It is already being seen in the field that smart meters are starting to have internal breakdown after three to four years.

The province of Saskatchewan has removed 105,000 smart meters due to an excessive number of fires. Maybe Saskatchewan knows something that B.C. does not. [Editor’s Note: FortisBC has indicated it is installing a different brand of smart meter than Saskatchewan.]

The other issue with fires is the unqualified installation of smart meters being done by non-electricians. After two weeks of training an installer knows very little about the integrity of the base that Mr. Wilson talks about. Lives have been lost and millions of dollars of property damage has occurred due to exactly this.

I agree with Mr. Wilson, it is time to put all of this smart meter paranoia to rest. The reality is it is not paranoia. It is the waking up of people who have realized that they are being damaged and killed by a technology that has always been and always will be lethal to biological organisms. That is the scientific truth.

I sincerely hope that all the others like Mr. Wilson are able to wake up and smell the smart meters.

Dr. Ross Andersen, doctor of chiropractic,