Without warning Telus rushes to install three brand new towers for WIFI on newly installed telephone poles.  The poles were recently replaced with taller poles for the antennas.  Crews have been working quickly to install them.

Flyers were handed out to nearby residents to see if any of them were informed about the antenna poposal, and not one person had been aware of the new antennas, particularly the one in the middle of a residential area.

One of the new towers are located at 216th and 124th avenue and Two more antennas are at the corner of Golden Ears Way and 203rd Street.

Two more are under construction on Laity Street.

City Hall has been contacted and the person we spoke to was not aware of  these projects.   Maple Ridge has rules for cellular carriers to follow, including a public consultation where cellular carriers with the antenna proposal can answer any questions from residents that may live close to one of these new antennas.  Considering these are for WIFI,  might there a loop hole that Maple Ridge and other City Halls are not aware of?

WIFI has been a big issue in local schools after some students who were located beside the school’s wifi routers became sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and had to turn to home schooling.   WIFI related health problems were also experienced when SD42 introduced WIFI for external portable classrooms.

The Cancer cluster at a Maple Ridge school located in the middle of three cell towers is more then enough reason for caution, no need to look far and wide,  clear evidence is right here in British Columbia.  With WIFI, Smart Meters and Cell Towers, the health of Canadians is at serious risk.

Residents in Mission, Victoria and other BC towns have also noticed these WIFI towers going up.  ( Mission antenna photo )

It appears these new Telus WIFI towers will be completed by the end of February 2015.


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Golden Ears Way and 203rd


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Public Meeting on Antennas,  Residents upset that meeting was after construction was completed

April 14, 2016

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