The Director of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters  is attempting to gather information pertaining to potential smart meter fires and failures.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIP Act) allows the public to obtain information regarding governmental agencies to determine if they are operating within the parameters of the law,  how they are using our money, etc. The privacy of individuals is guaranteed under this Act, but not the privacy of the public agency or its actions. Questions have been asked of BC Hydro and the FOIP Act is being misused to refuse to respond. This is wrong and must not be allowed.

Example number one pertains to a request for information about smart meters that were involved in 4 fires, as reported in an internal report. It was clearly stated that the information being requested pertained to BC Hydro’s equipment and not to personal information. BC Hydro repeatedly refused, quoting Section 22 of the FOI Act.

A formal complaint has been lodged with the Privacy and Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham.

You can review the correspondence related to the various FOI requests here.

1)  – FOI request Number – 201-20-2015-112