posted Feb 6, 2015 at 1:00 AM

To the editor:

I just received my notice that Fortis is going to install a smart meter on my home.

I don’t want one, and hundreds of other people in Kelowna also do not want one.

Furthermore, the CEO and president of both Fortis and Corix have received legal documents from me, namely a Notice of Liability, which, by the way, neither respondents felt obligated to respond back to by the time specified in the notice. They have now received further legal documents.

What makes these people believe they are above the law?

Fortis claims their ‘advanced meters’ will improve the efficiency and reliability of ‘their’ electricity service (not mine or yours) and will provide me with a better customer experience. Really? What exactly does this improved experience look like?

Then I’m told that these meters wirelessly communicate electricity information directly to FortisBC. Is that something new? As far as I know, that information has always directly gone to FortisBC.

Furthermore, wireless technology does nothing to enhance our health; smart meters pump out radio frequency radiation (because they are wireless), but hey, that’s OK because your power company is going by outdated safety standards/guidelines that are geared to keeping them in business while any and all biological life is subjected to microwave radiation which will blanket all of Kelowna.

Also, the electricity information gathered from us is on a 24 hours basis, not just “two times per day for a total of one minute” as Fortis has so often shared with people. Smart meters emit low-pulsed radiation on an ongoing basis, and I never signed up for that; that’s not my contract with you, Fortis!

But wait, there are more advantages, namely, more billing options which translates into paying humungous bills.

You, FortisBC are going to get yourself into hot water; maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but you are clearly overcharging people for kilowatt hours not consumed by the client and in my books, theft is theft.  I say, call the police. Anyone wanting the goods on this needs to watch Brian Thiesen on Youtube.

And the last benefit states that “online tools” will help manage electricity; not everyone has a computer, Fortis.

It is crucial that people understand that no testing has been done to determine whether long term, low-level emissions such as those from smart meters cause health effects; however, it is known that they do cause a biological effect (see Karl Maret from The big issue, states Maret, is that there have been no scientific studies done by industry and that “this is a grave absence of social responsibility.”

Before you put a microwave transmitter on your house, no matter how powerful or how weak, you need to do scientific studies before you subject the population to that. This is an epidemiological experiment of tremendous proportions and we are all the guinea pigs.

Wireless exposure must be seen from total long term exposure, not only short term heating effects. All that industry has done is to minimize the potential of harm that does exist. In 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO) placed RF Radiation on B2 List of Carcinogens.

And who, exactly, is swapping out our analog meters (which cause no health problems and which, according to Measurement Canada is “accurate” in its measurement)? Itron, the maker of the meters being installed, state on their website that they are “installed and accessed only by trained, certified professional electricians.” Fortis, however, seems to be using technicians with several hours of training to perform “hot swaps.”

Seems these technicians are paid piecework. If that’s the case, do you really think they’re going to take the time to check your meter base?

So FortisBC, stay away from my townhome and the entire strata complex, for that matter!

FortisBC states it has “developed specific procedures for the implementation of the AMI Project, to avoid any installation or equipment related problems increasing the risk of fires.” (I thought these smart meters didn’t cause fires.)  “During the installation of AMI meters, there is a risk that the FortisBC installer may damage the meter base. FortisBC plans to immediately remedy any damage caused to meter bases, and included in the budget for the AMI Project the cost of replacing over 1,000 meter bases.” (FortisBC Final Submission, p. 214) Please keep this statement handy!

And why, in a July 23, 2013 Capital News interview, did Neal Pobran, manager of corporate communications state, “Customers will have an option to not have the advanced meters installed.” If you already have a smart meter, ask for the radio transmitter to be turned off. Yes, you will have to pay Fortis’ extortion fee but I would hope that your health, especially if you have children in your home, is worth tucking away $9 per month for.

If everyone does this, no grid—no grid, no wireless mesh of radio frequency radiation blanketing Kelowna.

Furthermore, that means meter readers have to come around. And if that’s the case, then no one should be paying $18 every 60 days for a read. As far as that goes, FortisBC has a page on their site that shows you how to read your analog or digital meter. Again, take them to task; if you self-read then there should be no fee. If you still have your analog, fight for it! Ask FortisBC to ‘guarantee’ that no harm will be done to you or anyone (pets included) living in or near your dwelling, from a smart meter.

No guarantee, no meter.

Fortis and Corix have already been told by me, and hundreds of other Kelowna citizens, to not place a smart meter “on or near” our dwellings (via legal documents). They have disregarded legal notices sent to them and continue to push on with their insidious technology. Anyone can choose to file against these bureaucratic bullheads by connecting with I recommend you check out the site soon, as an important meeting is coming up February 5.

One last thought: Do I get  a fire extinguisher with my smart meter?

Linda MacGillivray, Kelowna