According to the person who made this video, the meter is said to be off, but the readings show otherwise.  Anyone else with the same findings?

“Is your Choice of a BC Hydro Smart Meter with Microwave Transmitter Radio-off, that you are paying extra for each and every month, sneakily broadcasting and actually still on, without them telling you? . My neighbour just got theirs after being told they had to surrender their analogue meter and guess what, the SmartMeter-Off, is actually broadcasting around the clock – perhaps not as frequently as the regular smart meter, but this one is definitively ON, not off!”


BC Hydro has stated that 120 “Radio Off” meters that were being built, missed a step, which caused them to emit wireless signals.  According to BC Hydro, these 120 meters were replaced.  Is it possible that this Chilliwack BC meter was one of those?  We tried to contact the producer of this video to see if it was replaced or not, but so far no reply.