Political parties can either ignore the wireless microwave radiation issue now, and face the consequences of more health issues province wide later on, or take this opportunity to follow the precautionary principal, and reduce the amount of WIFI, reduce the amount of cell towers going up on telephone poles (eNode-B Telus Smart/Micro Cells) and take a stand to slow down or even stop the process that the current government gave a green light for to jump right into the 5G wireless testing here in BC.

For those new to the issue, there are thousands of things you could read, but here is a good summary www.arizonaadvancedmedicine.com/Articles/2013/June/ElectroSmog.aspx

Candidates, if people were to vote for you in the upcoming election,

What is your personal position and your Party’s position with respect to wireless radiation?

Specifically referring to the ‘low-level’ (i.e., weak), pulsednon-thermal radio / microwave frequency radiation that is emitted by all of today’s so-called consumer wireless products – including baby monitors, as well as ‘smart’ meters and ‘smart’ appliances? Remember, ALL radiation is cumulative; it all adds up.

BC Candidates are possibly unaware of it but most non-industry scientists in the world believe there is a direct correlation between the explosion of wireless devices in our society over the past 30 years and the corresponding explosion of disease epidemics over that same period of time. http://www.saferemr.com/2015/06/international-scientist-appeal-on.html

Were BC residents to vote for you, would you be ‘for’ or ‘against’ the following:
a)    Compelling BC’s electric power utilities to exchange – at their earliest and at their sole expense – the ‘smart’ meters they unilaterally elected to install on every home in the province with analogue meters (which emit no radiation)?

b)    Removing Wi-Fi from all kindergartens and schools throughout the province and replacing it with fibre-optic cable?

c)    Removing Wi-Fi from all provincially-owned/operated health care buildings – including hospitals and cancer clinics – in the province:?

d)    Removing Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX zones from all public buildings throughout the province – including public parks?

e)    Encouraging the removal of all Bluetooth installations from cars and other vehicles throughout the province?

f)      Removing Wi-Fi from publicly-owned vehicles including transit systems throughout BC

g)    Discourage the siting of cell phone towers from residential developments, and, as much as legally possible, forbid them from being installed on or near school property?

h)    Prevent cordless phones (which ‘pulse’ 24-hours a day, every day, never shutting off) being sold in British Columbia?


Send them your Questions : http://www.bcvoters.ca


In the past reports by WRSC (Wireless Radiation Safety Council – Canada) and C4ST presented comments from all political parties :


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