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BC Election, Will the candidates serious about removing wireless determine your Vote?

Political parties can either ignore the wireless microwave radiation issue now, and face the consequences of more health issues province wide later on, or take this opportunity to follow the precautionary principal, and reduce the amount of WIFI, reduce the amount of cell towers going up on telephone poles (eNode-B Telus Smart/Micro Cells) and take […]

NDP call for a reduction in fees paid by Meter Choices B.C. Hydro users

December 18, 2014Posted in: BC Hydro VICTORIA – B.C. Hydro’s fees to customers in their Meter Choices program are too high and should be reduced, says New Democrat spokesperson for Hydro, Adrian Dix. “The fees being charged to participants in the Meter Choices program are out of step with what other utilities charge and don’t represent a reasonable […]

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