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Kelowna Tenant and Smart Meters

By Kelly Hayes August 25, 2015  6pm Video Journalist  Global News Time is running out for a Kelowna man who is in a standoff with FortisBC. The man refuses to have a smart meter installed in his rental home. He says he wants to keep his old analog meter but FortisBC says that’s not an […]

Remove cell Towers from 1145 Fairfield Road and ban cell towers from low-rise apartment buildings

Petitioning Mayor of the City of Victoria, Lisa Helps, City Council, and Telus and 4 others remove cell Towers from 1145 Fairfield Road and ban cell towers from low-rise apartment buildings. Industry Canada’s Safety Code 6, which is designed as a guideline for the “Protection of the General Public,” is based solely on outdated research related to thermal […]

26 Smart Meters make person sick

Maryland woman suffers acute radiation exposure from a bank of smart meters Maryland Smart Meter Awareness volunteers visited with a Maryland resident to help her share her own smart meter story in hopes to help others avoid the suffering she endured. This woman was unaware of any potential issues with wireless smart utility meters and […]

Apartment Manager does not want Smart Meters installed

October 24 2013 – Smart meter standoff means $35 monthly charge for tenants Manager of a Vancouver West End apartment building doesn’t want BC Hydro smart meters installed for more details

Waterloo man blames Wi-Fi for sickness

October 29, 2012  By Staff  – Metroland News Service Metroland News Service Howard Kalnitsky stands near a Beechwood Drive apartment building bristling with antennae, Monday. Kalnitsky claims his hypersensitivity to cell phone radiation has caused him heart problems. WATERLOO — When Howard Kalnitsky started experiencing heart problems 15 years ago at age 34, he wasn’t sure […]

Are electromagnetic fields making Oshawa man sick? Experts disagree

Russ Loader is convinced invisible electromagnetic fields in his Oshawa apartment are making him sick. Health Canada says there’s no reason for concern. Russell Loader and partner Katherine Melnitsky say abnormally high electomagnetic fields in their Oshawa apartment have been the cause of their declining health.  (JAYME POISSON / TORONTO STAR) By JAYME POISSONStaff Reporter Sun., Feb. 26, […]

Opt Out requested in Maple Ridge

21 of 24 Condo owners at a building in Maple Ridge sign a petition, and Mayor Daykin expresses his hope that BC Hydro will take the City Hall’s request seriously and allow people to give people a choice to Opt Out from smart meters.

We don’t want SmartMeters   Joanne Sales, Oceanside Star Published: Thursday, March 31, 2011 THE EDITOR: This summer, BCHydro wants to install SmartMeters, new electric meters installed on our homes to broadcast energy usage. BCHydro says they are open to public input. Here are my concerns. If SmartMeters are so safe, why are 32 cities and counties in California […]

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