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We don’t want SmartMeters   Joanne Sales, Oceanside Star Published: Thursday, March 31, 2011 THE EDITOR: This summer, BCHydro wants to install SmartMeters, new electric meters installed on our homes to broadcast energy usage. BCHydro says they are open to public input. Here are my concerns. If SmartMeters are so safe, why are 32 cities and counties in California […]

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Smart meters a hot topic at BC Hydro public meeting by Lia Fraser Source: HANS e-News – March 15, 2011 On March 9 in Victoria, BC Hydro held one of their public consultations planned in various BC cities between March and April on various projects and issues. About 250 people attended and at times the debate was heated on the issue of smart meters. […]

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POWER TO THE PEOPLE – STOP SMART METERS Campaign in British Columbia launched

For Immediate Release                                15,03,2011 The EM Radiation Health Alliance of BC is calling for a halt to the Smart Meter Program and announces the launch of their “Power to the People – Stop Smart Meters”, Campaign. Co-chair Walt McGinnis and members of the EMR Health Alliance will be putting Hydro representative’s feet to the fire […]

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World Health urgently needs lower EMF

PRESS RELEASE WORLD HEALTH urgently needs lower EMF Standards Autoimmune Process after Long-Term Low-Level Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields, Y.G. Grigoriev, O.A. Grigoriev, A.A.Ivanov, A.M. Lyaginskaya, A.V. Merkulov, V.S. Stepanov, N.B. Shagina Mobile Communications and Changes in Electromagnetic Conditions for the Population. Abstract—Mobile communications provides a new source of electromagnetic exposure for almost the whole population […]

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Safeway’s WIFI turnoff

Store Number 20 of the Safeway Grocery Store chain ( 3205 Lougheed Hwy Coquitlam BC ) made the move to have the entire store fitted with WIFI. That was the worst experience ever.  Witnesses said to the manager that they would not visit this store ever again unless this was removed. How practical is it to shop […]

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Surrey BC School removes WIFI

CityTv News – Nov 4 2010 635am This information sent to Parliamentary HESA Committee November 1, 2010. Schools – Wired or Wireless? November 1, 2010 As a long-time principal of an independent school, I see the health and safety of our children as a non-negotiable responsibility. As technology contributes to ever-changing environmental influences, it’s […]

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Forced to Disconnect – Gunilla Ladberg

Forced to Disconnect This book is about people in Sweden who after having developed hypersensitivity to electricity or/and microwave radiation from wireless technologies have become fugitives in their own country. 0

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Cellular Telephone Technology: Public Health Facts & Concerns

March 2010  – EM Radiation Health Alliance (of BC Canada). In the past Health Canada has told us many things were safe that turned out to be very harmful. Remember thalidomide and deformed babies; asbestos and lung cancer; doctors once said tobacco was safe. In the 1980’s Health Canada claimed the blood supply was […]

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BC Cell phone driving law

E.M. Radiation Health Alliance MEDIA RELEASE (550 words) Media Liaison: Chris Anderson 250-537-5102 or alternate liaison: Art Joyce 250-358-2666 February 3, 2010: For general distribution The newly formed citizens’ group E.M. Radiation Health Alliance congratulates the B.C. government for its new law providing traffic fines for those using hand-held cell phones or texting […]

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