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Burnaby Hospital has worst death rate in B.C.

  FRIDAY, 30 NOVEMBER 2007 Burnaby Hospital executive director Arden Krystal said the numbers were a surprise. “It doesn’t feel consistent with what our experience of patient care is at this hospital, and frankly, not consistent with what the majority of our patients would say our patient care is,” Krystal said.  Well, she would say […]

Mission hospital cancer study panned

CBC News · Posted: May 23, 2006 8:00 PM PT | Last Updated: May 23, 2006 Some medical lab workers in the Fraser Valley are demanding a more thorough study of the incidence of cancer at Mission Memorial Hospital, particularly of the lab where they work. This follows the release last week of a provincial […]

Mission BC takes Antenna concerns to City Hall

Local residents opposed to new Bell Antenna on West end of Mission BC Robert Riedlinger a long time activist to cell towers speaks at city hall.

FraserView School Antennas Removed The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fifth Estate Program, from the February 9, 1999 segment entitled “Cone of Silence.” …The cellular company approached the school board and what they made an arrangement to do was to put transmitters and receivers on top of this 85-year-old school in exchange for annual rent. MALAREK: How much money are we talking here? […]

Making Waves – Conflict sizzles over Cell Towers

        Making Waves – Conflict sizzles over cell towers Harrison Hot Springs British Columbia Canada by Trudy Beyak for The Progress November 15, 1998 “The best place to locate a microwave tower is in a Cemetery.”   Ministry says no cause for concern. That comment from Bob Riedlinger sums up his belief […]

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