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Protecting yourself against 5G

As society adopts ever more wireless technology, we are increasingly bathed in high intensities of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Some EMFs are emitted by devices we own and use ourselves, but even if you refused to ever buy a cell phone or wireless router, you would still be exposed to ever-increasing amounts of EMFs, thanks to […]

Port Hardy resident furious over smart meter installation

“They came into my house without consent and it wasn’t even a BC Hydro employee.” TYSON WHITNEY  Sep. 14, 2018 11:55 a.m. Al Dodd is livid that BC Hydro went on his property without permission and installed a smart meter against his wishes. Dodd, who lives on Daphne Street in Port Hardy and has been firmly […]

Man Claims Cell Tower Caused Cancer; Supreme Court Orders Removal Of That Cell Tower

Last updated: April 12, 2017 at 17:54 pm Mohul Ghosh In a landmark judgement, which can open a Pandora’s box, Supreme Court has ordered the removal of a cell tower in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The order was passed after a man claimed that radiations from the cell tower caused his cancer. This is a watershed […]

BC Firestation Cell Tower REMOVED

In 2001 to 2007 the Richmond, BC Firestation had a large cell tower on their roof, which other lower mainland fire stations did also, but taking a look on google maps street view, they obviously got rid of it after June 2015.   Richmond, BC Firestation (2002)   2007 antenna remains on the Richmond firehouse […]

Mobile tower radiation harmful, says academician

With a phenomenal increase in the number of cellphone users in Bihar over the years, varieties of mobile phones have flooded the city markets.  B K Mishra  |  TNN  |  May 06, 2015, 16:40 IST PATNA: With a phenomenal increase in the number of cellphone users in Bihar over the years, varieties of mobile phones […]

Hamilton scraps free downtown public Wi-Fi

CBC News – December 10, 2012 Hamilton is spending $30,000 to get rid of its downtown public wireless internet access service. With Wi-Fi already provided at many restaurants, coffee shops and hotels, the city’s downtown Wi-Fi service is outdated, unreliable and redundant, councillors heard Monday morning when they voted to discontinue the service. “We don’t […]

Taiwan removal of 1500 Cell Towers

MBABANE – Taiwanese legislators ordered the removal of 1 500 mobile phone masts stating that homes and schools must not be exposed to the risk of radiation. The radiation emitted by mobile phone base stations could cause cancer, miscarriages, and could even drive people to suicide. The action by the Taiwanese government was one of […]

Couple pressures BC Hydro to remove smart meter

A couple from Cache Creek, B.C., has successfully had their smart meter replaced with an analog meter after complaining to BC Hydro the meter was making them ill, but the utility company has said it won’t be making other exceptions.

FraserView School Antennas Removed The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Fifth Estate Program, from the February 9, 1999 segment entitled “Cone of Silence.” …The cellular company approached the school board and what they made an arrangement to do was to put transmitters and receivers on top of this 85-year-old school in exchange for annual rent. MALAREK: How much money are we talking here? […]

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