A classic example of how trusting, uninformed and completely defenseless British Columbians will pay dearly for this province not having its own resident ‘expert’ in non-thermal ELF EMF and RF EMR! Unbelievably, there is no one in BC who knows enough about the known hazards of non-thermal radiation to stand up to Telus and say: NO! What’s the point of having a PHO or a BCCDC?  

Google: “Physicians for Safe Technology” to see what doctors and scientists say.

There is a mountain of evidence, if only mainstream news media would allow you to see it!


These 6 Vancouver Island hospitals could be getting FREE Wi-Fi soon

No more going over your data limit while waiting at the hospital!

Sources say that six Vancouver Island hospitals are finally be getting free Wi-Fi – and it could be rolling out as early as September 6th.

Island Health could not confirm the details while they finalize the details, but will provide more information as it becomes available.

In the meantime, sources say these six hospitals are the ones where patients and visitors can take advantage of the new free connectivity:

  • Victoria General Hospital
  • Royal Jubilee Hospital (Victoria)
  • Saanich Peninsula Hospital (Victoria)
  • Lady Minto / Gulf Islands Hospital (Saltspring Island)
  • Cowichan District Hospital (Duncan)
  • West Coast General Hospital (Port Alberni)

North Island Hospital Comox Valley, North Island Hospital Campbell River, and Nanaimo Regional General Hospital already have free WiFi services.

Now, the rest of the island can take advantage of this level of connectivity too!



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