by Maurizio Martucci

It is now clear: we are under attack! Humanity, indeed the human race is under attack. At the hands of theories in disguise passed off as unavoidable progress, future and forced technology that cannot be avoided if we do not want to return to the Middle Ages or the Stone Age , delusional theories of omnipotence that prefigure the rise of a true and anthropological mutation of the species, thanks to the connivance of those who repeat obsession that ” so much progress is this and it cannot be stopped “. Realizing it is not difficult . And it’s no longer enough to read the predictions made in black and white by the excellent Enrica Perrucchietti in the Cyber-Man book . Just as the TV report on Transhumanism is no longer enough. The dehumanization moves forward without hesitation or inhibition of ethical or sanitary restraints, and now they throw it in front of our eyes and even under our noses, trying to submerge ourselves in the daily life with a pseudo-futuristic broth that cannot be understood because we all have to accept and make ours , between 5G, Artificial Intelligence and subcutaneous microchip .

Today the icing on the cake. The readers of Il Mattino di Padova and Il Gazzettino in the opening titles came across the news of the day: an entrepreneur from Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso) has had a nano-technology installed under the skin to open doors, check in and pay as with the ATM through the hand. Exactly the passepartout for remote access to the home automation and to the Internet of things . The digitization of the soul, as well as its own privacy and identity, now passes between the thumb and index finger of the left hand, at 13.56 Mhz .   We have understood it!

In the Stop 5G conferences held in various areas of Italy, I have repeatedly denouncedas the experiment of the subcutaneous microchip – in addition to the well-known primordial cases of Swedish companies – is actually already happened in Barcelonaprecisely in the context of the last world congress of the 5G , while the World Health Organization begins to wonder about the study of bio-nano-technologies.

Pretend not to understand that we are now at a crucial crossroads for the history of humanity, at the dawn of a new and increasingly technocratic, dictatorial and artificial era, to pretend not to understand that 5G and Artificial Intelligence are nothing else that the operative arm of Transhumanism which sees in the microchip the (perhaps) most striking symbol of the unforgivable leap into the dark is submitting to us, means turning away and pretending nothing. Caring about the meaning of life. While nature and mother earth weep, astonished, at the sunset of humanity.



5G sotto mentite spoglie, col microchip avanza il Transumanesimo (sdoganato in prima pagina sui giornali!)