Xintou Shell Chunghwa Telecom has built the first outdoor 5G small cell (small base station) smart street lamp in China’s Nanliao Fishing Port in Hsinchu City. (Taiwan)

Picture by Chunghwa Telecom



Chunghwa Telecom announced yesterday that it has cooperated with Nokia, an international telecommunications equipment manufacturer, to build the first outdoor 5G small cell smart street light in Nanliao Fishing Port, Hsinchu City, marking a new milestone for the deployment of domestic 5G networks and smart city applications. .

Chunghwa Telecom has successively deployed 5G experimental networks in Taipei Pop Music Center, Nangang Exhibition Hall 2, Linkou New Innovation Park, and the Palace Museum. The smart street light built this time operates with the world’s most advanced 5G / 4G dual connection technology. It is the first time that a 5G small cell has been installed and tested outdoors in China. The downlink transmission rate can reach up to more than 900Mbps, covering the longest distance. More than 200 meters.

Chunghwa Telecom explained that this smart street light has energy-saving light control, pedestrian / vehicle flow monitoring, meteorological sensing and Internet of Things functions. It is also the symbol of the first outdoor 5G small cell (small base station) street light construction and performance test in China. One of the main points of the implementation of the “5G Smart Street Light Construction Plan” by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.新竹人看過來!國內首座5g智慧路燈在南寮漁港亮相/ar-BBY0IC6