Feb 25, 2020

by Maurizio Martucci

We have no absolute certainties. But, on the other hand, we have several tests and a series of clues that are anything but marginal, in addition to authoritative opinions.We tracked them down and lined up one after the other, animated by a critical spirit and a search for truth, to understand more about the outbreak of infection and transmission of the Coronavirus. In the first part of the exclusive investigation of OASI SANA , we saw how the epidemic (estimated incubation time of 28 days ) started and claimed victims in December 2019 in central China , precisely from Wuhan , the capital of the region of Hubei , until the previous October 27 (i.e. shortly before the officially declared outbreak of the syndrome, considering that patient zero is registered on November 2 ) the heart of the war Olympics, the seventh edition of the World Military Games . Reason why the Chinese government, in the myth of the race for ubiquitous omni-digitization for the great challenge to the West on artificial intelligence, made Wuhan the undisputed 5G world capital. No other city in the world like Wuhan : 30,000 new fifth generation wireless antennas installed everywhere , permanent hyperconnection on roads, highways, airports, railway stations and every area of ​​the city, flooded anyone by the largest electromagnetic tsunami in human history.


The radio frequency spectrum of 5G non-ionizing waves sold to Chinese telephone companies reaches up to 43.5 Ghz, but private non-governmental sources speak openly of the use of radiation in the 60 Ghz band with WiGig system, that is, the highest of the millimeters used so far . With what consequences on man? With what possible correlations with the outbreak of Coronavirus? Let’s start from here.

On the history of the consequences of the electrification of the air, the American Arthur Firstenberg (promoter of the International Stop 5G Appeal from Earth and Space, over 200 thousand shapes collected in more than 200 countries of the world ) in the book ‘The invisible rainbow . A history of electricity and life “already in 2017 he set out in search of the electrosmog-virus-epidemic nexus, focusing on what happened in America during the First World War , or in the training camp south-west of Manhattan, known for its contagion of the so-called Spaniard , when 500 million people worldwide – about 27% of the then world population – were affected by the infection: “ The Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 actually started at Naval Radio School in Cambridge, Massachusetts , with 400 initial cases – Firstenberg writes – This epidemic spread rapidly to 1,127 soldiers in Funston Camp (Kansas), where wireless connections had been installed . What intrigued the doctors was that while 15% of the civilian population suffered from nosebleeds, 40% of the Navy suffered from nosebleeds. Other bleeding also occurred, and a third of those who died did so because of internal bleeding from the lungs or brain … These symptoms are incompatible with the effects of respiratory flu viruses, but totally consistent with the effects. devastating electricity . (…) It can be seen that each new flu pandemic corresponds to a new advance in electrical technology, such as the Asian flu of 1957-58, following the installation of a powerful radar surveillance system and the outbreak of the influence of Hong Kong from July 1968 onwards, following the commissioning of 28 military satellites for space surveillance. (…) It is logical to conclude that the flu pandemics of the last decades are linked to human electrical activity “.

The authoritative Swedish scientist Olle Johannson , speaker in the international conference ‘ 5G, national moratorium’ promoted to the Chamber of Deputies by the Italian Stop 5G Alliance , together with the American scientist Paul Doyon is co-author of the report on electrosmog, immunodepression and viral contagion , published in 2017 on Medical Hypotheses . The study ” hypothesizes that exposures to electromagnetic fields have the potential to inhibit the response of the immune system through a possible pathological increase in the flow of calcium into the cytoplasm of the cell, which induces a pathological production of reactive oxygen species, which in the shift can have an inhibitory effect on calcineurin . Inhibition of calcineurin leads to immunosuppression , which in turn leads to a weakened immune system and an increase in opportunistic infection. (…) Exposures to the electromagnetic field can actually produce the same effect : a weakened immune system that leads to an increase in the same or appropriate opportunistic infections : that is, fungal, viral , atypical bacterial and parasitic infections “ .

As Johansson also thinks Francis Boyle , professor of international law in the College of Law of the University of Illinois, involved in the development of the accusation against Slobodan Milosević for war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina and editor of the Biological Weapons Act of 1989 signed by then American President George HW Bush : “ Neurominidase is found everywhere in the body – Boyle says, tracing Johansson-Doyon’s study – occurs in the blood and is one of the most important enzymes in the body. This enzyme teases the remains of salts which carry a negative charge and transfers this negative charge to our cells, in particular to the blood cells, making them reject them. This tissue tension is measurable in millivolts, 80mV, and this tension must be constantly maintained by the neurominidase which causes blockage of blood cells, the blood clumps and cannot carry more oxygen and people can die. “

A deduction taken up in a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association , according to which children seem to escape the consequences of Coronavirus because ” their bodies can overcome disease in a more quick and effective. “We don’t fully understand the phenomenon, perhaps because there are differences in children’s immune responses compared to adults,” said Andre Pavia, head of the division of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Utah . “One hypothesis is that the innate immune response tends to be more active .” The article confirms : Coronavirus finds fertile ground in immunosuppressed people!

It’s still. David B. Weiner, an American, is an emeritus professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine , leading a translational molecular immunology research group focused on creating new immunotherapeutic approaches for disease prevention and treatment. For the purposes of our investigation, his contribution on electroporationbecomes fundamental to understand how electromagnetic fields can enter the skin, shared unanimously by the international medical-scientific community the fact that 5G millimeter microwavesenter the skin, where they are nerve endings, blood vessels. In vitro, there was a dysregulation of the metabolic profile, even of the keratinocytes “( Patrizia Gentilini, ISDE Italy doctor at the international conference on 5G in the Chamber of Deputies ). The electroporationdeveloped by Weiner is a technique to ” open pores of the cell membrane to introduce DNA or other chemicals such as chemotherapy into cells. Applied to protoplasts, animal cells, bacteria and yeasts. Electroporation consists of a sudden electrical discharge operated in a cuvette that encloses cells and DNA molecules in a liquid suspension. The discharge simultaneously opens the plasma membrane of cells in numerous places, allowing DNA molecules to penetrate . “

Let’s stop for a moment. In order not to lose the thread, by knotting the data mentioned so far. So far we have seen that wireless is historically related to the outbreak of epidemics and infections ( Firstenberg ), which creates immunosuppression by increasing the possibility of viral infections ( Johansonn-Doyon ), which the neurominidase measurable in 80mV millivolts blocks the transport of oxygen in the blood ( Boyle ) and that 5G enters the skin ( Gentilini ) just as with electroporation it allows DNA molecules to enter the cell membrane ( Weiner ). Now, on the basis of these medical-scientific tests, we return to China, precisely to Wuhan, the epicenter of the first outbreak of the Coronavirus, also home to the latest world military games, but above all the undisputed 5G world capital, with 30,000 new antennas and permanent irradiation also at 60 Ghz . There is no doubt – writes those who report the cause of the virus in China in 5G The symptoms of coronavirus are 100% the symptoms caused by WiGig , the new 60 GHz Wi-Fi system, curiously confirmed 100% on board the Diamond Princess ship and in Wuhan “. It is certain that on the cruise ship in which 350 passengers have been tested for the virus and for this stops from February 2, 2020 in Yokohama in Japan , the Japanese government has for free ” distributed 2,000 iPhones to the passengers and crew of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, affected by the Coronavirus . “



it is written on Wikipedia –

allows devices to communicate wirelessly at multi-gigabit speeds. It enables high-performance wireless data, display and audio applications that integrate the functionality of previous wireless LAN devices.

WiGig tri-band enabled devices , which operate in the 2.4,

5 and 60 GHz bands “.

Parallel to Boyle, not as an investigation of the human body but on the effects in the atmosphere, there is a 2001 study which confirms how a 60 Ghz irradiation is capable of subtracting oxygen. Shigeaki Shey Hakusui, president of the Harmonix Corporation, manufacturer of the GigaLink 60GHz digital radio system used for high-speed wireless communications, writes this.

“Due to the increased bandwidth requirements and the scarcity of microwave frequency allocations – says Shigeaki Shey Hakusui in the article entitled ‘ Fixed wireless communications at 60 GHz. Unique oxygen absorption properties ‘ – the communications industry wireless is starting to focus on higher, unallocated potions of the spectrum in the millimeter wave frequencies from 40 GHz to 300 GHz .

Due to the high absorption levels of atmospheric RF energy, the millimeter wave region of the RF spectrum cannot be used in long-range wireless communication segments.However, for short-haul “last mile” segments, the extended bandwidth of RF data available in the millimeter wave region makes it ideal for interference-free fiber speed connectivity. At the millimeter wave frequency of 60 GHz, absorption is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. While the absorption of oxygen at 60 GHz severely limits the range, it also eliminates interference between the frequency terminals themselves . (…)

The absorption of oxygen makes it possible to reuse the same frequency in a very localized region of the airspace. Operation within the 60 GHz millimeter wave spectrum allows a very dense and interference-free deployment of the same frequency radio terminals. (….)

In the 60 GHz region, the effects of oxygen absorption and the use of narrow beam antennas minimize the likelihood of interference between radios . (…) At 60 GHz, the very high level of atmospheric absorption is mainly due to the molecular composition of the atmosphere “.

Coronavirus, 5G, Wuhan, 60 Ghz: what does this mean?

On the Web, the topic is covered in two interesting videos in which we also try to put together evidence and clues, to try to understand if and how the massive diffusion of 5G even up to 60 Ghz can be related to Coronavirus.

It is incredible to compare the symptoms of the virus to what happens when you are hit with waves at 60 GHz – from its Youtube channel with 134,000 subscribers says the California influencer Dana Ashleywhich have an impact on the absorption of oxygen through the hemoglobin . This specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60 GHz causes the rotation of electrons around the oxygen molecule, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly absorb these oxygen molecules . “

To discuss Coronavirus and the role of 5G in the effect of immunosuppression, the American computer scientist Robert David Steele , bitter supporter of a reform for virtual intelligence, then gathered the founder of the Humanitad Foundation and film-maker in a conference call Sacha Stone ( author of the investigative docu-film 5G Apocalypse) , the expert on military weapons, bacteriological warfare and wireless irradiation Mark Steele ( his case won in the English court on the freedom to report the risks of 5G) and the professor of energy research former Institute of Physics of Zemun (Serbia ) Ilija Lakicevic (Serbia). We said it at the beginning: we have no absolute certainties, but a series of tests and clues are there. And how.

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Published by Oasisana (Italy)