by Maurizio Martucci

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Feb 24, 2020

The digital solidarity launched by Paola PisanoMinister of technological innovation and digitization and already collected by 12 telecommunications companies is paired with the donation of 2,000 iPhones to passengers and crew of the cruise ship Diamond Princess, 60Ghz WiGig irradiated on board and affected by Coronavirus in the waters of Giappone. But it is also paired with the recent transhumanist affirmation of Conte’s own minister (“It will be the robots to save the man “, expounded Pisano in a cyber-oracleversion), as does the pairing also with the 5G CloudMinds robots experimented by China Mobile in Wuhan hospitals where Coronavirus positives are hospitalized.


The official sources say that the new viral terror of the third millennium is practically in symbiosis with 5G, in the aftermath of the pandemic, ready to relaunch forecast statisticson the drop in turnover in the launch of the fifth generation wireless . Because, in one way or another, where we speak of Coronavirus we also speak of 5G and where there is 5G there is also Coronavirus.


Because there is also another aspect that is not underlined and that, in an absolute exclusive on OASI SANA , we report it. If in fact China is increasingly determined to engage in a duel with the USA and the West to hold the lead in the 5G race (in the last year alone, in fact in the months preceding the Coronavirus epidemic, 130,000 5G antennas have been installed throughout the country, as many as 30,000 in Wuhan alone , while in the United States they have 10,000 5G antennas are operational) it is necessary to underline (an anomalous?) coincidence: if Piper Jaffray analysts estimate 600,000 new 5G Radio Base Stations worldwide in 2020 (do not count the mini-cells, most likely a few million more) and half will be in China, the case (?) wants that in the Chinese cities affectedby the Coronavirus 5G is being tested .

We have already written about Wahun, the origin and epicenter of the epidemic, and we refer readers to the first part of the OASI SANA investigation . But there are also other cities affected, but paralyzed Smart City . Which? Above all Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Guangzhou , each selected to test the new 5G technology. And now in the grip of the Coronavirus nightmare!

After Wuhan, the second provinces most affected by the Coronavirus are in fact Zhejiangand Guangdong . Of the 50 Chinese cities selected by the government to access 5G commercial services, 10 of them are in the Yangtze River Delta region , half of which come from Zhejiang province: Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Jiaxing and Shaoxing.

Only 200,000 people live in Wenzhou and, oddly enough, it has an excessively high number ( currently 370 ) of people affected by the virus. Only China Tower claims to have installed 8,400 5G antennas in Zhejiang .

In Hangzhou , also in the last months of 2019, 6,154 requests for the construction of 5G antennas were accepted and 4,775 have already been completed and made operational . Hangzhou , the capital of Zhejiang, houses the first entirely 5G Chinese bookstore, a large 5G shopping center and even a 5G automatic public toilet, while the first autonomous Chinese 5G minibus was put into service in Wuzhen , Zhejiang province,

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Coronavirus e 5G nell’asse Cina-Italia, tra (anomale?) coincidenze e (strane?) sovrapposizioni – TERZA PARTE – INCHIESTA ESCLUSIVA OASI SANA


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