5G Facial Recognition Cameras Already Being Deployed in Public Spaces.

The video is of shuffler site in downtown Calgary, Alberta and the site includes 5G attennas and facial recognition cameras.

NCA tried to video the public space, but a security guard for the area said that filming is not allowed without permission.

From the manufacture of the shuffle site:

“Thanks to world-class algorithms, operators can extract key information such as free car park spaces, facial recognition, perimeter protection, traffic analysis and behavioural analysis to improve services and generate revenue. Through one single platform, you can monitor events in real-time, set notifications, get reports and access playback of events. Data is protected through advanced encryption, digital certificates and claims-based authentication.”


5G technology is comprised of macrowaves and millimeter waves. During the coronavirus lockdown, 5G infrastructure being deployed across Canada.

5G has a system of around 20,000 satellites, numerous towers and antennas, and it uses radio waves in the form of microwaves and millimeter waves at super high frequency and with mass public exposure. 5G will bring in significantly artificial intelligence and digital control, mass surveillance like never seen before… it is projected that up to 40 percent of the jobs in Canada will be lost…

China has over 350 million facial recognition cameras and social credit system:

5G and Total Surveillance: Draconian Technocracy


The psycopathic LibCon Establishment has bypassed the Canadian people as it pursues further power and control through 5G and AI, and regardless of the health and privacy consequences for the Canadian people. Illusion of democracy through the establishment status quo.

What can you do about 5G and the harm to the Canadian people?

Public petitions will do nothing as there is no federal legislation requiring the government to act on them.

We need our voices spoken in Ottawa. We must drain and replace.

So Join, donate to National Citizens Alliance, registered federal party, as we are true, uncontrolled federal opposition.




Also used in Sydney, AU