Gulf Islands Driftwood – Letters

Published: May 18, 2011 10:00 AM

Re: “Smart meters safe” letter, May 11 Driftwood.

Interesting comment by Dr. John Blatherwick regarding safe smart meters. I notice he doesn’t mention the considerable communications industry influence on the World Health Organization, Health Canada and with former industry executives working for these supposedly “health care” organizations, yet pushing industry agendas on an unsuspecting public.

Also, he doesn’t mention his own admission that Canada’s Safety Code 6 is far outdated — you can find that video on YouTube! — and that Hydro bases its opinion on SC6. He doesn’t mention the many U.S. class action lawsuits by people losing homes because they’re too sick to stay in them after smart meter installation, or the invasion of privacy aka Big Brotherism that smart meters will provide to any hacker on the street.

He doesn’t mention the considerable expense borne by taxpayers, a $1 billion contract given to Liberal insiders’ companies, for an estimated $520-million saving over 20 years.

If Hydro spent that $1 billion of taxpayers’ money installing solar panels on residences, they could channel electricity to B.C. businesses and save us all money — and our health.

And if California ever decided to generously repay the $1 billion they’ve owed BC Hydro for many years, we wouldn’t be having this discussion!


Nanaimo, B.C.