JUNE 14, 2011

The more I learn about the Smart Meter Program, the more concerned I become, I regard the plan and the Smart Grid a willful attack on our health by the provincial government and BC Hydro.

A number of reasons to be concerned about Smart Meters exist. There is also an inconsistency in BC Hydro’s plan to install them. The BC Clean Energy Act (passed and implemented without the consent of the people) requires the meters to be on structures occupied as a private residences and on only the residential portion of a building used for multi-purposes. Section 17 of the act.

Why has BC Hydro recently informed some the meters will be installed on businesses also?

The electro-smog emitted by these meters in concentrated areas will be intolerable for many. Recently, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Rich Coleman, made a big noise about meters supposedly only emitting for 2 minutes a day (independent tests show different data – the meters are active for much more of the day than 2 minutes).
Assuming Coleman’s information is correct, a 100-unit building would be emitting for a combined total of 200 minutes a day. This is far in excess of the amount that the World Health Organization has recently said is a Group 2B Carcinogen.

Few will be able to escape the radiation of the meters, the home will no longer be a place of refuge from the outside, BC Hydro, acting beyond the scope of the Act, has opted to remove even the option of the work place as a refuge.

The Clean Energy Act was implemented with blatant disregard for the health of the province’s residents, and BC Hydro has opted to extend the threat of potential harm on their own accord.

Norm Ryder
Saanichton, B.C.