Just south of the intersection of Westminister Highway and Number One Road in Richmond, BC, there are a handful of homes with BC Hydro wireless smart meters in operation.  People who are sensitive to wireless devices (EHS) photographed the antenna that was installed to collect the data from these homes. Comments about the few minutes that they were there :  “The health of the residents in this area will surely be effected, its only a matter of time.”, one person said.    ” After one minute in this neighbourhood a strange feeling throughout my body was clearly a warning sign that these signals were not healthy to be around, but after i moved away from this area this odd sensation stopped.” commented another. See Photo below


在列市No.1 Road (Westminister Highway 南方),有一列房屋已被BC水電公司裝上了智能電表(參閱照片),以助水電公司收集這些屋主的用電紀錄。對電磁波敏感人仕在電標附近停留數分鐘後表示:“這對居民的健康,長期肯定有不良影響。”另一位道:“在這些裝了電標的屋宇附近片刻,我身體有明顯的不適,但離開這個地區後,便沒有了那種感覺。”(注:以上人仕形容,智能電表之電磁波給他們身體的感覺,是冷和高速的,跟Wi-Fi和手機發射台之電磁波給的感覺稍有不同。)


在列市No.1 Road (Westminister Highway 南方),有一列房屋已被BC水电公司装上了智能电表(参阅照片),以助水电公司收集这些屋主的用电纪录。对电磁波敏感人仕在电标附近停留数分钟后表示:“这对居民的健康,长期肯定有不良影响。”另一位道:“在这些装了电标的屋宇附近片刻,我身体有明显的不适,但离开这个地区后,便没有了那种感觉。”(注:以上人仕形容,智能电表之电磁波给他们身体的感觉,是冷和高速的,跟Wi-Fi和手机发射台之电磁波给的感觉稍有不同。)


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