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Court told Itron meters are a Fire Hazard

Reed_Answering_Brief INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS, LOCAL UNION NO. 69    page 2 – “On November 4, 2014, the Judge issued his recommended Decision and Order. In his Decision and Order, the Judge found that Respondent unlawfully discharged employee Bobby Reed for engaging in protected concerted activity and/or union activity, when he testified in a […]

B.C. mayors consider moratorium on smart meters

Mayors and councillors from across the province are considering calling for a moratorium on BC Hydro’s smart meters after hearing the health concerns of their residents. A small group of protesters gathered outside the Vancouver Convention Centre Monday, calling on delegates at the annual convention of the Union of B.C. Municipalities to stop BC Hydro […]

The Truth about Itron and B.C. Hydro Wired Connections

UPDATED AUG 22 – Evidence that shows BC Hydro’s claims that “Meters can not be wired”, is in fact not only possible, but it actually has been done with Ontario Homes. ITRON WIRED CONNECTIONS are available. Wired meter communications was the original concept in smart meter patents.

Smart Meters operating in Richmond BC 智能电表已在列治文

Just south of the intersection of Westminister Highway and Number One Road in Richmond, BC, there are a handful of homes with BC Hydro wireless smart meters in operation.  People who are sensitive to wireless devices (EHS) photographed the antenna that was installed to collect the data from these homes. Comments about the few minutes […]

CTV : Debate over Smart Meters

Critics question safety of smart meters – BC Hydro is rolling out its new smart meter program this month and there have already been a number of critics questioning the program. The high-tech devices aren’t even installed yet and they’re already stirring up a lot of controversy. Some say they’re an invasion of privacy, while others say it could increase your risk of cancer.

Radio : EMRHA & BC Hydro

July 7 – Sharon Noble on CKNW 980 AM
July 8 – Fiona Taylor of BC Hydro, CKNW 980 AM
July 11 – Sharon Noble and Una St.Clair on CFAX 1070 AM
July 12 – Fiona Taylor of BC Hydro, CFAX 1070 AM

POWER TO THE PEOPLE – STOP SMART METERS Campaign in British Columbia launched

For Immediate Release                                15,03,2011 The EM Radiation Health Alliance of BC is calling for a halt to the Smart Meter Program and announces the launch of their “Power to the People – Stop Smart Meters”, Campaign. Co-chair Walt McGinnis and members of the EMR Health Alliance will be putting Hydro representative’s feet to the fire […]

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