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Kelowna Tenant and Smart Meters

By Kelly Hayes August 25, 2015  6pm Video Journalist  Global News Time is running out for a Kelowna man who is in a standoff with FortisBC. The man refuses to have a smart meter installed in his rental home. He says he wants to keep his old analog meter but FortisBC says that’s not an […]

Forced Off The Grid For Opposing Smart Meters

Smart meters are controversial among many in the homestead and off-grid communities, but for one California man the controversy turned shocking when the electric company disconnected his power — for more than a year — due to his opposition to the devices. His name is Josh Hart, and early last year he told the power […]

Osoyoos couple’s power cut off after refusing smart meter

ROY WOOD / Special to the Herald Cut off Jacob de Raadt stands beside his old analog power meter that’s been disconnected after he accidentally damaged it while trying to protect it from being upgraded to a newer model he has health concerns about.                       […]

Adrian Dix questioning Bill Bennett re. extortion fees

Hansard excerpts, Adrian Dix ineffectually “questioning” Bill Bennett re. extortion fees, the amounts, not the fact that they are extortion. Bennett is allowed to obfuscate and mislead, e.g. the cost estimates given to BCUC said that the more people who opted out, the cheaper it would be per household. Now Bennett is saying the opposite.   […]

Smart meter opt-out fees rescinded in Arizona, commissioners fearing liability

18 April 2015 at 9:43am   by Warren Woodward Extortive “opt-out” fees have been rescinded in Arizona.  At a meeting last Monday, and after spending an hour in “executive session” privately discussing the issue with their lawyers, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) rescinded the decision they made last December to allow APS to charge an extortion […]

LETTERS: Fortis offers smart meter opt-out

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR  posted Apr 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM For customers wanting to opt out of having the wireless function of the installed smart meter not turned on, the cost is a one-time only fee of $60. You must apply now to Fortis as the cost will increase to $88 after installation begins in this area […]

Would you pay $75 to drop smart meter?

By Morgan Lee   5:43 P.M. DEC. 5, 2014       Updated 5:50 P.M. California regulators are ready to deliver a bill to utility customers who want to get rid of “smart” meters that transmit data continuously about household consumption of electricity and natural gas. After years of deliberations, utility regulators said this week that they […]

Bennett’s office admits legacy fees are punishment

Bennett’s office admits legacy fees are because we won’t accept smeter — they are punishment!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! An admission by Bill Bennett’s office that the legacy fees are punishment and not due to additional services being given those with legacy meters and no one else.  Please see letter below. This is so very significant and I think […]

Rally Coverage – June 2014

Vancouver / Burnaby Rally    Victoria Rally    Nanaimo Rally   Powell River More Coverage at   Courtney Rally   Nelson Rally  

Smart meter standoff means $35 monthly charge for tenants

Manager of a Vancouver West End apartment building doesn’t want BC Hydro smart meters installed CBC News Posted: Oct 24, 2013 7:44 PM PT Last Updated: Oct 24, 2013 8:24 PM PT Play Media Smart meter standoff in apartment 2:11 A building manager in Vancouver’s West End who has been blocking the installation of smart meters says BC […]

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