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Smart meter draws negative reactions from all over B.C.

Response from all over B.C. to our story about a smart meter installation at a local Montessori school was so voluminous that we present here a representative sample. Langley Advance  March 17, 2015 10:45 AM Editor’s note: While it is the Langley Advance’s policy to give precedence to letters from local writers, the response from all […]

Hydro overpowers private Langley school

BC Hydro cut off electricity to a South Langley school. Langley Advance March 9, 2015 04:44 PM Principal Kristen Cassie is angered by how BC Hydro dealt with the Roots & Wings Montessori over smart meters. BC Hydro shut off the power Friday because the school had kept its analog meter.   Photograph By Heather Colpitts/Langley […]

Lloyd’s of London excludes coverage for RF/EMR claims

Letter to Government from Sharon Noble – Director of Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC (includes A&E Policy Document) Premier Clark, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Reimer, RE: Lloyd’s of London excludes coverage for claims caused by exposure to non-ionizing radiation. “Based on inaccurate information provided by ITRON, Health Canada and Dr. Perry Kendall, you […]

Itron Meter Problems

Examples of Itron Smart Meter Fires in British Columbia Canada

Danger in smart meters is ‘cumulative long-term exposure’

Letter posted Feb 20, 2015 at 12:00 PM To the editor: In his letter to the Capital News of Feb. 11 [Time to Put ‘Smart Meter Paranoia To Rest’] as a response to Keep Your Smart Meter Off My Townhome [letter to the editor Feb. 6], Robert Wilson clearly proved the old saying that ignorance is bliss. I measure the […]

BC’s Itron smart meters put lives and homes at risk — who is looking out for us?

January 28, 2015 • For Immediate Release Smart meters have design flaws that have caused fires across North America, including in British Columbia. In Saskatchewan, Oregon, Florida, and now Ontario, measures are being taken to protect residents. Meanwhile in BC, Energy Minister Bill Bennett and BC Hydro refuse to acknowledge this fire hazard exists, allowing […]

Chilliwack Smart Meter Fire

Moody Meter Fire Blaze apparently caused by smart meter explosion Friday, January 16, 2015 Staff/Voice photos Chilliwack fire crews were at the scene of a blaze on Moody Ave. apparently caused when a smart meter exploded. uestions have risen over the safety of smart meters after reports that one exploded and caused a fire around […]

Water leaking into Smart Meter

In February/March of 2014,  a home owner noticed water collecting in his smart meter. They phoned BC Hydro to complain and within 90 minutes, it was replaced. On Dec 17th, 2014  they noticed moisture again in his smart meter and on the 18th 2004  they received a replacement in about 90 minutes.  

WiFi, meters force longtime residents to move

Faye Carmody / The Star  January 8, 2015 12:00 AM Qualicum Beach – The mayor and his councillors should feel extremely proud of themselves. They sold out by allowing OptikTV into Qualicum Beach, they allowed Shaw to monopolize all of the beautiful streets and beaches with Shaw Open, they allowed Smart Meters into the town, […]

Kamloops family mulls legal action against BC Hydro

By: Dale Bass  January 8, 2015  BC Hydro won’t reconnect a Kamloops family that had its power cut off last month unless the utility is allowed to install a smart meter that can have the radio turned off, for which there is a monthly charge. When the family called BC Hydro, the Crown corporation said that, because […]

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