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5G REMOTE KILL VECTOR: Science paper reveals cell phone signals can activate the release of biological PAYLOADS from graphene oxide injected into the body

September 14, 2023 - 10:38 pm

California Parents Take on Cell Phone Juggernaut and Successfully Shut Down 5G Antennas at Christian School Get all the details directly from the parents

May 11, 2023 - 8:03 am

Lawsuit alleges cell phones responsible for brain tumors

October 3, 2022 - 6:14 am

Riondel protests proposed cell phone tower

May 24, 2020 - 9:44 am

Students upset over new cell phone policy at Dunsmuir Middle School

February 15, 2020 - 9:56 am

A year of cell phone use emits as much C02 as two round-trip flights

February 10, 2020 - 1:34 am

We want to know why BC is not banning cell phones and personal devices in our schools?

October 16, 2019 - 3:05 pm

Court Upholds Landmark Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Right To Know Ordinance And Rejects Industries Appeal

July 4, 2019 - 8:01 am

Cell phone tower shut down at elementary school after eight kids are diagnosed with cancer in ‘mysterious’ cluster

April 12, 2019 - 12:59 pm

Cell Phone Radiation Leads to Cancer, Says U.S. NTP in Final Report

November 5, 2018 - 1:38 pm
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