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Protecting yourself against 5G

As society adopts ever more wireless technology, we are increasingly bathed in high intensities of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Some EMFs are emitted by devices we own and use ourselves, but even if you refused to ever buy a cell phone or wireless router, you would still be exposed to ever-increasing amounts of EMFs, thanks to […]

School in Quesnel, BC removes WIFI

North Cariboo Christian School joins the list of schools that prefer to be a hard-wired facility. “After upgrading the school this year with a wired network, the school no longer required a Wi-Fi network” said John Hengen, Principal

The Truth about Itron and B.C. Hydro Wired Connections

UPDATED AUG 22 – Evidence that shows BC Hydro’s claims that “Meters can not be wired”, is in fact not only possible, but it actually has been done with Ontario Homes. ITRON WIRED CONNECTIONS are available. Wired meter communications was the original concept in smart meter patents.

BC Hydro Chief regarding Smart Meters

Merrit Newspaper Editor John O’Connor  interviews BC Hydro chief project officer Gary Murphy, June 9, 2011. Includes comments on the fluctuating marijuana grow operation numbers BC Hydro has used in justifying implementation of smart meters, health concerns over the meters, possibility of using ITRON’s wired system, and implementation schedule. Pictured in the photo is Juan de […]

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